Cartoon Network 'Toon games 2004' witness 6000 fans

MUMBAI: Cartoon Network and kids is a killer combo! The organisers of the contest got a first hand experience with Cartoon Network Toon Games 2004. Held in New Delhi, the spectacular event saw over 6000 toon fans cheering for their favourite character, on Saturday 11 September.

The competition saw Jerry?s team Wonder Toons emerging as winner.



The two-toon teams competing were Wonder Toons led by the lovable Jerry and Thunder Toons led by the incorrigible Tom. The sporting event kicked off in Bangalore on 1 August, and then traveled to Hyderabad and Mumbai, before its grand finale in New Delhi, says an official release.

The event was presented by Cadbury Dairy Milk Two-in one and Boost and co-sponsored by Kellogg?s Chocos, Faber-Castell, Max Confectionaries, Samsung, Head & Shoulders and Pepsodent. The Toon Games 2004 is often touted as one of the biggest marketing events planned by the channel. The event aims at bringing out the Network?s characters out of the confines of the TV and into the lives of cartoon lovers.



In addition to witnessing the fun-filled event, Toon lovers also got a chance to win exclusive Toon Games 2004 prizes and other goodies by participating in the many interactive, on-the-spot contests held during breaks and at various sponsor stalls.

Captained by Jerry, the Wonder Toons forged ahead of Thunder Toons, in toony competitions such as Flower Power, Fuuuutball Hungama, and more, held at the Talkotora Stadium Delhi. The Wonder Toons comprised the cowardly canine Scooby-Doo, Twinkle Toes aka Fred Flintstone and the cutest kindergartners Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, while Thunder Toons comprised Tom, the cool dude Johnny Bravo, Mojo Jojo and the inseparable brother sister duo Dexter and Dee Dee, says the release.



Two sessions of Toon Games 2004 were held in New Delhi at 12 pm and 5 pm. The events commenced with a colourful and festive welcome parade and each team marched to its respective team anthem. Children and adults alike were enthralled watching some of their favourite toons in action, competing against all odds and rooting for their teams, adds the release.

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