'Moving the masses' and strategizing for newer TG's

MUMBAI: 'Moving the masses' was the theme of Bajaj Auto's VP and business development and marketing R L Ravichandran's session. Are finance schemes only for the salaried class? Is there a significant section of the society other than service class?

"Yes," says Ravichandran. "He could be a watchman or a vegetable vendor or a farmer. The estimated size of this unorganized class is 10 million households in the country."



The only concerns being:

1) His ability to pay

2) His intention to pay

3) Traceability in case of default

What this class lacks:

1) Income proof

2) Strong banking habits

3) IT returns

4) Strong guarantors



Taking us through 'The 999 story;' a film designed by the company capturing how they broke into the SEC E markets and how they converted a not so well doing bike ( Boxer) into reaping great profits.



The film showcased how innovative marketing and distribution techniques along with a personal connect and playing with the psyche can do wonders in terms of converting habits and break into a market successfully. The marketing was simple. It was catering to the aspirations of a common man as well as providing him the means to do so. A session that just could not have been missed!

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