Pantene launches new hair care product,Amino Pro-V Complex

MUMBAI: Hair care brand Pantene from Procter and Gamble has announced the launch of its new range with Amino Pro-V Complex.



P&G claims that this is the only shampoo that deposits on to hair a unique combination of Pro-Vitamins and three essential aminos that hair loses due to daily weathering, making hair ten times stronger, and restoring its lost beauty. The launch of New Pantene’s Amino Pro-V Complex therefore marks one of the biggest global breakthroughs in hair care technologies in decades.

The New Pantene Amino Pro-V Complex also comes with a fruity fragrance called Asian Zest, created specially to suit Asian women.



Pantene's brand ambassador Katrina Kaif, who also unveiled the New Pantene with Amino Pro-V said, “People ask me the secret of my beautiful hair. My answer is strength. I have been using Pantene since I was fourteen and after trying New Pantene with the Amino formulation, I found that it really strengthened my hair from within and made it look even silkier and shinier.”



The product also received a thumbs up from hair stylist Dilshad Pastakia who works with Preity Zinta, Shah Rukh Khan and Rani Mukherjee. She said, “No matter what you do, unless your hair is strong from inside, it will not look beautiful from outside. Kudos to New Pantene with Amino Pro-V for cracking the formula to strengthen hair against damage-causing factors such as pollution, sun rays, harsh hair treatments. Using New Pantene with Amino Pro-V regularly, will deposit the essential aminos hair loses and make it ten times stronger!”

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