Five P's go a long way towards making great brands

MUMBAI: It is said that great brands can become immortal. Ford, Gillette and Kellogs are three examples. They have outlived wars, social changes and disease. So what makes them great?



This is the question that Kellogs India marketing head Yuvraj Arora attempted to answer at the India Brand Summit. While there are no hard and fast answers, he stressed on five Ps - people, passion, positioning, programmes and philosophy. He said that positioning was the most impactful tool that could be used. However one needs to constantly reevaluate the brands position to see if it is relevant for the target audience. For Kellogs' Iron Shakti product three TVCs were made.

The first one got across the message that iron is important. The company thus created the need for iron among the consumers. The second TVC moved on by showing the functional benefit of iron. A girl comes out on top in her exams due to the iron content of Kellogs. Later on the company released the third TVC showing the emotional benefit of iron.


Arora maintained that the 30 second TVC was not dead. However it should be backed up by an integrated marketing campaign. That is what the company did for Spiderman 2. It had a special pack where the chocos were shaped like Spiderman.


Addressing students in the audience, he said, "Some students think that marketing is glamorous. Then there are those who join because of their communication skills. If excellent communication skills are your strong point then you would be of much use in a call centre."

Arora added that passion was important as a marketer's job was to influence millions of people. You need fire in your belly to find out what motivates people. Passion can also infect a company. It can translate into a highly motivated sales team.

Elaborating further, he said, "For our Chocos programme for Spiderman 2 the supply chain team initially felt that they would not be able to deliver. However, I was told by the person heading the supply chain that when they saw the passion the marketing people had in the concept they were motivated to complete the job on time. I also feel that it is important that creative people compete to work on seemingly mundane accounts and not just the Pepsis and Cokes."

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