Size matters as 'Zoom' plays outdoor game

MUMBAI: ZOOM...! Rings a bell for sure doesn't it? With the use of only the outdoor medium, Zoom managed to arouse curiosity, hype and the right taste for its potential TG. The key was a well strategised and skillful use of the right communication medium with creatives that was eye-catching and stood apart from the clutter.

Madison Outdoor Media Services (MOMS), the agency employed by the channel for their outdoor campaign have a very simple story to tell. MOM's COO Soumitra Bhattacharya comments, "The client gave us a very open brief. They were very specific about their TG which was SEC A B and essentially look at niche audiences. We recommended the budgets; our approach being outdoor mediums that were primarily core and tactical sites."

The channel looked at very specific markets, they being Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore which entailed phase one. The three cities were the focus of the campaign as the chunk of advertising revenue was going to flow in from Mumbai and Delhi. Bangalore, was also a part of phase one as it acted like a a subsidiary market .

    Mumbai: Basically concentrated on hoardings. The strategy was buying outdoors with large format hoardings to ensure visibility and frequency . The aim; to excite a guy on the road with a larger than life portrait of the channel.

    Delhi: Utilities played a major role. Public utilities, bus shelters and kiosks were primarily used because Delhi does not offer too many outdoor media options. Twenty bus shelters were strategically picked up in and around South Delhi and towards the Airport.

    Bangalore: Followed Mumbai's strategy without the bus shelters.

Bhattacharya adds, " The main task was the Mumbai market. The period of 14 days for the teaser campaign, a blast of bus shelter was added to ensure visibility in arterial roads. Bus Shelters was purely a number game."

The main campaign unfolded on the 15th day and Bhattacharya said that the change in the vinyls were done overnight across the cities and locations. "We wanted to take the whole city by storm". The bus shelters remained as it is so ensure the connect. The current hoardings will be on for 20 days followed by a string on programme specific billboards. The principle followed being 15-20 days on one vinyl. "Then we're going to shirk this to key locations to maintain a threshold and take it from there" says Bhattacharya.

Phase two will is scheduled to kick off soon and will be making a foray into other cities. But, phase two will not revolve around the same theme. "We're still in the process of strategising," says Bhattacharya.

MOMS has also been responsible for a lot of outdoor enhancement with the Zoom campaign. Talking about client response the COO says, "We have a process where the client servicing team, and the feedback is delinked. The feedback was 10/10. Zoom has raised the bar for us and hence we have to deliver consistently and expectations have also gone up".



Zoom interestingly, was also a part of the culminating process of MOMS business process software which has been designed specially by the agency. MOTTO, (Moms operations tracking tools for outdoors) is a software which allows for every stage of the process right from the brief to get passed on to the relevant people in an automated fashion. Each part of the process is accountable and is a function in itself.

"So, when a client gives me a brief then right on to the stage where he pays me and I pay the supplier, one document flows across the process to completion, where each department is picking up his thing to do and passes it on. This ensures the best in every department delivers hence enhancing our whole delivery. This makes it not only structured but also focused on what deliverables are and also people are selected on what the deliverables are. This pool of resource picks up my competencies and delivers customer delight, where when a guy gets a brief, he punches it in, and then the relevant people are flagged and accordingly work on it."

The software which has been developed in house for the past seven months was being test run for one month. "With Zoom we are culminating our test run and are formalising it. Information flows easier, is more accessible and all the sites in the cities are a part of the database, so with pictures which aids planning. As an industry, outdoors is very unorganized, so this is our endeavour to first organize ourselves, in the long term we want out clients and suppliers to access this." concludes Bhattacharya.

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