1 in 4 upper crust adolescents 'doing it': Outlook-Synovate survey

xMUMBAI: Is it something in the air or just plain coincidence? After surveys that claimed to examine what men and women want and think (regarding sex), here's one that purportedly gets down to just how much of it the Indian adolescent is getting. Sex, that is.

According to the latest findings of The Outlook-Synovate exclusive poll conducted among 13-17 year olds - at least one in four has had a sexual experience. An alarming proportion have encountered multiple partners and claimed to indulge in sex at least once a month.

Now before one gets any ideas that India has begun emulating the West on matters sexual, it is worth remembering that the youth in the sample survey are basically from the upper-crust.

At least 25 per cent of those polled claim to have used contraceptives; primarily condoms and pills. And most of those polled; claim to have lost their virginity between 11-17 years.

When Synovate probed adolescents on whether the schools provided regular education on sexual health; at least 50 per cent replied in the negative. For others, the source was primarily 'biology' and 'value education' classes.

"Interestingly, students cite reasons like 'discomfort of teachers', 'lack of good available material and 'own reluctance' as the reasons for information gaps. These factors can be easily overcome to equip adolescents with adequate information on sexual health; considering a whopping 90 per cent of those polled in our survey voted in favor of Sexual Health Education," Synovate India's spokesperson Madhurima Bhatia says.

The survey was conducted in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. Synovate zeroed-in on students from up-market schools.

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