Deewanapan campaigns drive Max

MUMBAI: If there is one channel that goes the whole hog on advertising its brand and its major properties, it most definitely is Sony Entertainment Television's (SET) special events and movies channel Max.

Remarkably, in the last two years, the channel has rolled out more than 20 different ad campaigns, starting from the Gully Cricket and the Rangoli ad to the latest 'Look Alike' ad, which reiterates the channel's "Deewana Bana De" proposition.



AB effect rubs off on the ticket checker

The latest 'Look Alike' television commercial that the channel has rolled out accentuates the power Bollywood has on people. The ad has been shot in a small village in Maharashtra and begins with a man getting out of a train at the local railway station. He sees an Amitabh Bachchan look alike 'coolie' who offers to carry his luggage. The man is obviously stunned at the resemblance and the passion the 'coolie' has for his star icon.



Kids take on Bachchan at an early stage The Big B goatie effect

As the man passes goes out of the station, he comes across yet another Amitabh Bachchan look alike, this time the ticket checker. Then as he enters the village, he sees a bunch of kids coming out from the school and obviously, they too have the typical Big B hair-do. A cycle repair guy, a frame seller, a saloon guy, a guy reading a newspaper donning Big B's trademark goatie and about 10 people watching an Amrish Puri movie --- all Amitabh Bachchan look alikes. The ad clearly depicts the craze people have for Bollywood movies and stars.



Mocambo makes his mark!

To "fit in" with the people of the new town, this man has just come to, he decides to get a similar Big B hair. So the next day he does just that! The moment he comes out of the barber's shop, he sees a major transformation in the people of the village. The people, who only yesterday were mimicking Bachchan, were today bald! And all of them. One can call it the Amrish 'bad man' Puri affect! This leaves the our man totally baffled. The ad ends with the tagline of the channel - "Max - Deewana Bana De."

Hair today! Gone tomorrow!

Interestingly the ad is backed only by visuals and a music score without any word play. Conceived by Euro RSCG senior creative director Ashok Karnik, the ad has been directed by Shamin Desai. Max vice president marketing and communications Tushar Shah says, "In today's competitive and cluttered environment, brand building is very important. Our new channel packaging is also a step towards that. As far as ads are concerned, a fatigue factor tends to set in after a while and that's the reason why we are consistent with our advertising."

Shah emphasises that 'Deewana Bana De' is not a mere tagline for them; it's a promise and the channel leaves no stones unturned to fulfill that promise to its viewers. Also since Max is a fairly new channel when compared to the likes of Zee Cinema, which have a four-five year headstart; the effort on the Max' behalf is also maximum.

While the Gully Cricket ads and the Rangoli ad are still engraved in the minds of the viewers; Max instead of basking in that success story, is out with a vengeance to capture viewer attention yet again with this new ad.

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