Hong Kong tourism taps country's film heritage

MUMBAI: Hong Kong tourism's latest venture Avenue of Stars is targeted at visitors who have got a strong interest in the country's movie culture.

The Avenue of Stars features pavement plaques commemorating Hong Kong movie personalities past and present; milestone features outlining the local film industry's 100-year history; a welcoming video; sculptures; and souvenir kiosks, all of which enable visitors to see and learn more about their favourite Hong Kong movies and movie stars.



Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) was inspired by surveys that showed 14 per cent of visitors are interested in the Hong Kong movie scene locations while 12 per cent are interested in visits to film and television studios. To address such interest, the HKTB conceived the Avenue of Stars in 2000, as part of a feasibility study into potential new visitor attractions for Hong Kong.

The Board is preparing a Hong Kong Movie Odyssey Guide on locations used for a number of favourite Hong Kong movie scenes, which will allow visitors to explore the city's many facets and experience the lives portrayed in the films.

HKTB arranged a meeting between Bollywood star Akshay Kumar and Hong Kong's pride Jackie Chan in Hong Kong on 16 May 2004. Chan is Hong Kong tourism ambassador.

It was a one-hour meeting in Jackie's private office in Kowloon where the two superstars caught up over Chinese tea to discuss films, family, fights and more. The two met and discussed their first love - martial arts and of course Hong Kong.

Chan personally gave Akki baba a guided tour of his office and even showed him exclusive footage of his new film. After that the duo settled down for an hour-long chat. While Akshay expressed his eagerness to shoot in Hong Kong, Chan sounded excited about his upcoming maiden trip to India. "Yes, I'm all set to come to India soon to shoot for a film", informed Jackie.

Akshay visited Hong Kong with wife Twinkle and son Aarav as Chan's private guests. The historical meeting will be aired on Star News in Masand ki Pasand show on Saturday, 22 May.

The HKTB has been working closely with the global travel trade to package and promote the Avenue of Stars along with various movie-related activities such as Hong Kong Film Awards and the Hong Kong International Film Festival. In addition, the Board will collaborate with the trade to develop tour packages and arrange familiarization visits for the trade and media to create "word of mouth" publicity in different markets.

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