AOL blocks over one billion virus infected emails

MUMBAI: America's interactive services company America Online has announced that it has taken the fight against the virus menace to the next level. It has blocked more than a billion virus attachments from reaching its members.

This was possible since it launched an automatic e-mail attachment screening and premium anti-virus protection a year ago.



Since the anti-virus services were launched, AOL claims to have protected each of its members from an average of 30 different virus attacks, or an attack every ten days.

The company issued a release stating that as we move into a high-speed world, anti-virus protection becomes even more critical. This is because a basic broadband connection in the US can leave one defenseless against hackers and virus attacks on the home computer

With automatic anti-virus screening, a customised firewall, parental controls, aggressive spam blocking, and new AOL Spyware Protection, AOL claims to have made it easy for members to help protect their families and their sensitive personal information.

Last April, at no additional charge to AOL members, America Online began automatically scanning all incoming and outgoing attachments to members' e-mail each day for known viruses through the use of McAfee VirusScan. If a virus is detected, the attachment is automatically cleaned of the virus, or, if the virus cannot be fixed or quarantined, the e-mail is returned without the infected attachment to the original sender with a notice that their attachment contained a virus.

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