LML launches three new bikes in one day

MUMBAI: LML Limited, two-wheeler major, launched three motorcycles in three different segments of the motorcycle market in one day. The Graptor 150 cc, unveiled at the Auto Expo 2004, the Freedom Prima 125 cc and Freedom Prima 110 cc will hit the market on the same day in Delhi, Punjab, UP, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and Rajasthan, declares an official press release.



All three models are packed with innovative engineering, design and technology.

Freedom Prima 110 cc and Freedom Prima 125 cc come with a Delta 4 (Digital Ignition) engine which translates into excellent performance of pick-up, power and fuel efficiency.

These two bikes has features which will deliver power and fuel efficiency combination in their respective category segments. The Freedom Prima 110 cc and 125 cc engines have a rocker arm with bearings which reduces friction and gives improved 'drivability' even at low speeds and allows for a lot less effort needed to kick-start the vehicle. The torpedo system (port divider), in the cylinder head gives better pick up and fuel efficiency at lower speeds. A new smoother quality of gear shifting system has also been incorporated on the new products, says the release.

Designed with two additional lights in Freedom prima 110 and 125 also accounts for better visibility during night driving and adds to the looks of the two bikes. The Innovative use of citi lights ensures safety during night driving. A mileage controller in the speedometer guides the rider to adjust his driving speed to get the best mileage from his bike.

LML Limited managing director Deepak Singhania said, "LML had begun to be called a one product wonder. With these three products, we shall dispel all such notions. In spite of severe limitations we have been working very hard on getting the product mix together and now we have it".

On introducing 3 motorcycles in the market at the same time, he said, "The motorcycle market is continuously evolving and LML has always kept itself abreast with the changing needs and expectations of consumers. These insightful learnings have resulted in LML strategically placing two motorcycles in the smart commuter segment for two different categories - 110 cc and 125 cc whilst Graptor 150 cc serves the needs of the fast growing lifestyle segment".

He further stated "In today's market environment new product arrivals/up-gradation are a constant requirement and LML has been facing severe limitations in capacity and range of motorcycles which it is working to overcome".

The company has also engineered T-control frame in Freedom giving the user excellent control while substantially reducing fatigue, enhancing driving ability and making driving a real pleasure.

The Freedom prima 125 cc comes with some exclusive features like the constant vacuum (CV) carburettor, drum barrel muffler (with heat shield) allowing the vehicle to achieve excellent pick up and fuel efficiency as well as higher power and is ideal for those wanting to upgrade. This bike also has hazard warning lights and front disc brakes (in the 5-gear version).

The 150 cc Graptor unveiled at the Auto Expo 2004, on the other hand, is targeted at the fast growing lifestyle segment of the motorcycle market. It has a digital CDI engine, constant vacuum carburettor which controls the entry of fuel into the engine, rapid turbulence combustion chamber (RTCC) using computational flow dynamic (CFD) resulting in higher torque and power. The gear shifting pattern uses rollers in the gear shifter fork to reduce the friction in the gear train resulting in smoother quality of gear shifting.

The unique, cutting edge features in the Graptor are the twin rectangular EST frame which uses an extended steel technology for excellent vehicle stability and rigidity and an aerodynamically sculpted fuel tank with sharp front and rear end styling.

The higher fuel carrying capacity in the fuel tank is useful for long distance riding. The Graptor also comes with features like modern instrumentation system fitted with speedometer, tachometer, dampers on handle bars, disc brakes, multi-reflector head lamp and tail-lamp for excellent visibility, LED lights, a steel finish fairing with arrow shaped multi reflector blinkers, hazard switches, high ground clearance, heat shield on silencer with steel foot rest for safety of pillion rider, pass-by switch and side stand lock, choke and electrical switches on handle bar for increased comfort and convenience of the rider.

The vehicles are priced ex-showroom (Delhi) as under:

" LML Freedom Prima (110cc) Rs 41,130 only

" LML Freedom Prima (125cc) Rs 42,750 only (4-gears with Drum Brakes)

" LML Freedom Prima (125cc) Rs 45,000 only (5-gears with Disc Brakes)

" LML Graptor (150 cc) Rs 49,500 only

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