One-stop-shop for marketers: RK Swamy BBDO Guide to the Urban Market

MUMBAI: The third RK Swamy BBDO Guide to the Urban Market which was released yesterday gives extensive and multi-faceted information on purchasing power at the town level.


The Guide ranks Indian urban centers by town prosperity for the first time and also ranks them in order of prosperity at both state and all India level. Swamy has classified the country into AAA, AA, A, B, C and D towns outlining the purchasing power of each town. Also 18 parameters have been combined to indicate the town potential.

At a time when the market environment has changed dramatically and permanently and India has moved from a producer-driven economy to a consumer economy, this Guide comes as a welcome relief to marketers who are faced with competition at every level - in quality and value, in brand and commodity, in form and function, in the local, regional and national markets.

The guide expansively covers 77.3 per cent of the urban population covering 784 towns, 21 States, three Union territories with a population of 50,000 and above 50,000 and provides us with the purchasing power potential of each of them.

The information that has been collated from 14 different sources, such as the Census 2001, Economic Census, Market Information Survey Report, the Indian Readership Survey and more, provides a clear guide post to focus resources and thus help marketers achieve their stake.

The Guide not only gives the aggregate purchasing power in a special measure called the Market Potential Value, but also gives the quality of the market through another measure called the Market Intensity Index. A third index, the Media Exposure Index, gives relative coverage of the towns by mass media.

The RK Swamy BBDO Guide to Urban Markets has been validated using state level and major town level information and the correlations are high and statistically significant. They give confidence in the validity of Market Potential Value as a reliable measure. In order to make the test unbiased, data was used from sources that were different from those used in evaluating the town potential.

The Guide also enables the marketer to set town priorities within States going as deep as towns with a population of 50,000, substitute state-wise planning by town planning and allocate scarce resources by region.

A comprehensive methodology has been used to compile the information that the Guide provides and can be used not only for national planning, but also by regional and state-level offices for maximizing business success.

A one-stop-shop for marketers that provides clear guideposts to marketers and enables them to focus on scarce resources, this Guide provides a unique understanding of the urban markets.

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