Kurl-On new ads based on mastheads, cover page of mags

NEW DELHI: Manipal Advertising Services has created a unique print campaign for Kurl-on Spinekare, a therapeutic mattress that provides the back with orthopaedically correct support.



The Bangalore-based agency has used mastheads of various magazines, particularly for the ones in which advertisements are being inserted, with the entire art work resembling that of a cover-page. The two-page campaign, which has broke with the latest issues of Outlook and Outlook Traveler, will be out in the next editions of Business India and Health & Nutrition as well.

For instance, the front page of ad in Outlook, is quite similar to Outlook masthead with brand 'Kurl-On', published in white font amidst red background. The positioning statement for the brand in the same box says ?India?s best sleep expert?. The other aspect of the creative includes a striking visual, showing naked back of a female, with text ?PM vs AM?. This is followed by ?Bad backs = bad nights = bad days. Kurl-On end the nightmare?.

As in the case of a cover page, like info on other articles in smaller fonts, the ad conveys the brand features. The back page, more like an editorial, contains information of the introduction of the advanced sleeping surface, its uniqueness and benefits and toll free number for inquires about the brand. The size of the insertion is slightly smaller than the normal page.

Says Outlook VP advertising R Rajmohan, ?Its quite unique as they (agency) played around with the masthead. Size was meant to be a little shorter. We have nothing to do with the ad. For us its a straight advertisement. It doesn't cut into the edit or mutilate design of the magazine. We have cleared the advertisement as we believe our readers are mature enough to understand its a straight ad and has nothing to do with Outlook editorial.?

On his part, Manipal?s general manager Venu Sharma, says, ?We felt if the advertisement goes with the association of a particular media brand, it was better was the idea. We we had also thought of an Outlook masthead innovation in Filmfare or any other magazine. But media or magazines may not take it with right spirit of our idea breaking clutter??

Initially, the agency had decided to release it in eight to 10 magazines. But eventually decided to insert only in magazines from business, general, leisure and travel genres. Manipal Advertising uses internal resources and few consultants for the different jobs in advertising and brand strategy from time to time.

On the media strategy, Sharma says, ?This (campaign) is to test the brand movement as medical-related. We are in the process of testing the product using these medium. To begin with we have used radio, airport displays, magazine ads, and 60-cc front page ads in five metro's including Bangalore, our home town. Once we compile the responses through Toll free no. - we thought we can do a better media selection.?

Outlook didn?t charge any premium for the insertion. On magazine?s policy, Rajmohan said, ?Advertisers are looking at

various "innovative options" to make the ads stand out. We are open as long as it is not interfering with the edit. Our editorial pages, magazine cover etc are sacrosanct for us.?

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