'Television - best medium for advertisers,' says who?

MUMBAI: The long-standing myth, that the broadcast media leads in creating awareness among consumer and is the best bet for advertisers, now no longer stands in good stead. The recent results of the Touchpoints Survey at the company's Insight 2004 Annual Conference confirm the above statement.

The power of interactive marketing most definitely seems to be outweighing the television's aura, as the former seems to be making tremendous headway on consumers' buying decisions, resulting in a decrease of television's influence according to a study released by DoubleClick Monday



The survey examined the sequence of how consumers first learn about products in these categories, how they further learn about them and which factor most influenced their purchase decision.

Different channels used to reach consumers were scrutinized and

analysis of their influence, across categories, at different stages of the purchase process was studied. Overall, the study concludes that broadcast media leads increasing awareness for only half of the categories surveyed, and online marketing and websites are having a dramatic impact on the further learning and purchase decision phases of the purchase process.

"While TV still impacts awareness, the influence of interactive marketing including advertising, search, and email is chipping away that share. For example, for the first time we see Internet ads driving awareness in categories such as personal finance. In addition, online continues to have a profound impact on the further learn and purchase decision phases across most categories," says DoubleClick Senior Vice President and General Manager of Online Advertising Doug Knopper.

The product categories examined included auto, electronics, food, health and beauty, mortgages/investments and credit cards/retail banking, movies, prescription drugs, telecom services, personal/household care and house and home.

For the first time, Internet ads are driving awareness in categories such as personal finance, as well as mortgages and investments, the study said.

Awareness for travel is driven by travel Web sites, credit cards/retail banking by direct mail, mortgages/investments by Internet ads, and personal/household care and home products by print. The influence of television has declined significantly in the past year in categories like movies, automotive and electronics.

The study was fielded for the second time in December of 2003 with a total of 2,000 completed surveys with a minimum of 200 per product category. There was an even split of adult male and female respondents.

DoubleClick is the provider of tools for advertisers, direct

marketers and web publishers to plan, execute and analyze their marketing programs.

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