Nomarks earmarks Rs 120 million as annual ad budget

NEW DELHI: Ozone Ayurvedics, which markets its products under the brand name - Nomarks, has earmarked an annual ad budget of Rs 120 million for its flagship brand.

The company has launched a media campaign for Nomarks mark removal cream with three commercials of 30, 10 and five second duration. While the commercials are at present being aired on Zee News and Southern Spice Music channel, Ozone is also scouting for a few more select channels to air these commercials and will negotiate with these channels directly.



"We have decided to strategically place the Nomarks ads in a few, select channels wherein it will be aired at regular intervals, rather than using a wide spread of channels. The strategy focuses on more intensive airplay on a smaller but strategic choice of vehicles. We are negotiating with some of the leading channels both in the north and south and the ads should be on air soon," Ozone Ayurvedics vice-president PS Sandhu was quoted in a company statement.

While the 30-second commercial emphasises the natural properties of Nomarks mark removal cream in removing unwanted scars, marks and burns, the 10-second commercial builds further brand credibility by highlighting its certification from leading medical journals including JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) India and the brand's success in over 17 countries across the globe.

The five-second ad is a quick reminder to help retain top of the mind brand recall.

According to Ozone Ayurvedics managing director SC Sehgal, "Nomarks has received a number of accolades this year, including that of 'most preferred brand' in its category in the FMCG Awards 2003. This reaffirms the positive response the brand has generated among consumers and we have stepped up our marketing efforts to support this success. The ad campaign is a part of this effort."

Nomarks is the flagship brand of Ozone Ayurvedics, a company that has introduced products using the knowledge of Ayurveda and modern pharmacological research. The product leads the category today. Besides the mark removal cream, Nomarks has also launched India's first elbow cream and the first mass premium scrub soap.

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