Channel branding gets top of mind at Broadcast Asia

SINGAPORE: What are the things you have to keep top of mind while branding your channel? A clutch of panelists tried to answer this question at one of the sessions at Broadcast Asia in Singapore.

Among them, MediaCorp TV CEO Selena Ho Su-Lin lists her top seven checklist points.


They are as follows:

*Differentiate - Find out what is your channel for and let that be your calling card. Use strategic thinking and market research to differentiate and build your brand.

* Have commitment, long term commitment - Branding is a long term game. It is an investment in the future. Find innovative ways to look fresh.

* Innovate constantly within the broad umbrella branding you have chosen - Find new ways to highlight your channel's USP. Expose your promo department to good initiatives. Let them travel abroad and see world class work. Invest in them, they will give you back returns.

* Budget - Try and keep within your budget round. Manage it well. Let your promotions be both strategic and tactical. Utilise your promo spending in sync with paid media. Be aware of innovations that can lower your costs of production.

* Seize every opportunity to brand - Do deals with partners. If your company wins awards, build a campaign around it, both on and off air. If there is an association you can make which can help your brand do it by all means.

* Create icons and ambassadors for your brand - Develop characters who can be the flag bearers of your channel. Let them be both local and regional. Ensure that they don't get overexposed. And develop newer ambassadors constantly.

*Change your weakest elements before they start hurting the other elements - Every part of your band should deliver quality. So if the product is not up to the channel brand quality, drop it before it goes on air. Otherwise it could muddy the good aspects of your channel.

Disney Channel Asia producer Mark Denton spoke about how Disney has created an Asian brand and how it caters to various markets in the region. "Disney is special entertainment with heart," he said.

"For us localisation is key," he said. "We have introduced the first Asia Pacific animation series which looks at legends - Legends of Rings of Fire."

Then he added that another way Disney has been reaffirming itself as a local brand was by getting local artistes to sing and take part in promos of theme songs of key properties the family channel wants to promote. "Overall, we pay an obsessive deal of attention to the fact that the Disney Channel is a family channel with values and that still sells," said Denton.

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