MRUC to expand media offerings to outdoor, Internet

MUMBAI: Into its tenth year the Media Research Users Council (MRUC) is looking to expand its product portfolio. The organisation plans to develop analysis for the outdoor and Internet medium.


As reported yesterday by, the organisation released findings on the Indian Listnership Track (ILT) 2004 for the radio industry. Addressing a briefing, MRUC director general NP Sathyamurthy said that it was planning an Indian Outdoor Survey (IOS). Ten media organisations have expressed keen interest in them and so MRUC will work in coordination to create the framework.

Additionally, MRUC is also planning an Internet Audience Measurement (IAM) study. As is well known, during the dotcom boom there was a craze to attract eyeballs. However, after the bust advertisers are keener on getting accountability from the Net. Hence, MRUC decided that a study in this regard is imperative. It will work with the Internet Online Association and hopes to release initial findings in the third quarter of the year.

It must be noted though that a lot of people with free time on their hands are indulging in pay per click activities. This means that housewives, students and their ilk are merely clicking ads to get money without necessarily examining the content. How MRUC counters this problem remains to be seen.

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