Kingfisher Airlines to 'fly the good times' in Jan

MUMBAI: Come next year and the Kingfisher brand will take to the skies. Kingfisher Airlines from Indian alchohol beverage company The UB Group promises a unique 'One Class' experience at the lowest per seat mile cost from January.



The airline will fly all the routes within the country. The company has signed a deal with Airbus for 12 A320 aircraft which will be delivered in October 2005. However in order to start in January the company has signed a deal with Capital Aviation Services for the lease of three planes.

Speaking last evening UB Group Dr. Vijay Mallya said, "In our latest brand communication including television ads we have had the catchphrase Kingfisher is flying. I do not know how many people saw the significance of that. Normally when an airline launches it has to do heavy marketing and promotional activities.

"In our case we have the advantage that people are familiar with the brand. For the youth Kingfisher represents vibrancy, colour and is an aspirational product. Our 'Funliners' will have the same positioning. We will also make sure that our positioning is constant"



Mallya went on to say that in the coming months the airline would be looking at a brand ambasodress. It will also commence advertising closer to the launch of the airline. "I would like to clarify one thing however. Just because we are a low cost airline does not mean that we are merely selling cheap tickets. The youth of today have higher disposable incomes. They want an experience and not just a cheap flight.

"One of the ways we will be providing this is through video on demand (VOD). All Airbus aircraft are equipped with this facility. For other airlines to do this will not be a cost effective solution."

The VOD will offer news courtesy channels like BBC World as well as music videos and general entertainment shows. Mallya also expressed disappointment that liquor advertising was not allowed.

"It is unfair to club us along with tobacco. Tobacco ads are banned in many countries. Liqour ads are only banned in Islamic nations due to the religious beliefs. That conflict is not present here. It is also ridiculous that domestic airlines cannot serve beer. Nowhere else in the world do you find this stipulation.

"What is stupid is that an Air India flight flying from London to Mumbai can serve beer. If on the way it stops over in Delhi then passengers getting on board at that time cannot avail of the drink. Passengers from London are allowed to continue drinking. I will certainly take this matter up with the civil aviation ministry"

Through Kingfisher Airlines Mallya is looking to capitalise on two factors. The first one is that domestic airline traffic will double in a decade. The second is the gap between second class ac train fares and airfares is narrowing. The interiors of the funliners will be styled by the likes of Ritu Beri and Rohit Bal. The company will also be having a Kingfisher Flying Models Contest through which flight attendants will be chosen.

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