Older upscale male gaze turning more to sports


MUMBAI: There is literally no kidding around when it comes to sports viewership. Sports is an ideal platform for Indian advertisers to communicate to the decuision makers in the family. That is because whether it is tennis, cricket or soccer viewers above the age of 35 watch them the most.


TAM has released a survey analysing viewership patterns of sports. The data is for six metros c&s 4+. It has looked at major sporting events. They were this year's Mens Wimbledon Final, the cricket World Cup Final last year, the Fifa Final in 2002, The Sydney Olympics in 2000, the Euro Final this year. What is revealing is that even the cricket match which had a more even spread among the age groups got 39 per cent of its viewership from the 35+ crowd. The contrast is more glaring with the other events. The Wimbledon, Fifa and Sydney events got over half their viewership from the 35+ bracket.

Other key findings were as follows:

? The Euro final viewership had a skew of 80:20 in favour of the males as compared to the Fifa final that had an almost equal viewership split between male and female viewers

? Although the viewership of Euro '03 was much lower than the Fifa World Cup, the event did deliver a more upscale profile (70 per cent SEC A/B) as compared to the World Cup (52 per cent SEC A/B).

? Mumbai accounted for 70 per cent of the total viewership for the Men's Wimbledon final where Roger Federer retained his title.

? More crucially from an advertising perspective is the fact that 50 per cent of viewership for the Wimbledon Men's final came from SEC-A. For the Sydney Olympics Opening Ceremony 33 per cent of the viewership was from SEC A. Being more mass based the 2003 cricket final had the most viewership from from SEC D and E at 28 per cent.



What is not surprising is that in this cricket mad country the World Cup Final got the highest TVR of 25.2 amoing the surveyed events. While the Fifa Final had a TVR of 7.7 the Euro 2004 final managed just 0.9. Kolkatta had the most viewership for these two sports at over 60 per cent. But what might be of interest to the advertisers contemplating investing monies during the 2004 Olympics is the fact that the viewership of the Opening Ceremony of Sydney 2000 was also uniform across the six metros, albeit with a much smaller viewership base.

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