Hollywood using the Net for promotions pays off in US

MUMBAI: This is a piece of news that should give movie marketers in the US plenty to think about. Online behaviour around this year''s

summer blockbuster movie season shows that the Internet continues to grow as a major source of information, advertising and commerce.



Claria Corporation, which studies online behaviour to marketing initiatives, has put forth the results of a study conducted by its division Feedback Research. This shows that increasingly, American film buffs are buying movie tickets, reading reviews, viewing trailers and exploring interactive content online.



Feedback Research analysed the actual online traffic of Claria''s over 43 million users. The aim was to gain insight into how the success of online film-related promotions impacts summer blockbuster movie-related behaviour online. Traffic was monitored from 1 May - 30 June 2004 among moviegoers.

The visiting habits to sites of the three biggest films of the summer Shrek 2, Spiderman 2 and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was checked. Feedback Research also surveyed users in the weeks leading up to each individual movie release to gauge interest and activity around these three movies.

24 per cent of the movie going respondents said that they bought movie tickets online. Of the respondents who bought movie tickets online, 71 per cent had made a purchase 1-3 times in the past six months.

Fandango was the most popular site for movie tickets with 44 per cent of people saying they have used it to purchase tickets. Movietickets.com and Moviefone.com followed with 36 per cent and 21 per cent respectively. 43 per cent of survey respondents had seen a Spiderman 2 ad online, followed by Harry Potter at 41 per cent and Shrek 2 at 27 per cent.

39 per cent of total traffic to the three official movie sites came on Fridays and Saturdays. Survey respondents cited "watching trailers" as the most popular reason for visiting official movie sites. 66 per cent of respondents went online to see the trailer for Harry Potter, 53 per cent for Shrek 2, and 48 per cent for Spiderman 2.

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