World's finest work promo showcased

MUMBAI: The last session of the second day of the Promax&BDA conference held in India showcased some of the best works from around the world. The session titled 'World Gold' was conducted by Promax BDA executive director Carmen Alzner.



Alzner said, "We receive thousands of entries for the Promax&BDA award from around the world and I will show some of the finest promotion and design work from around the globe; the very best of work from Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Europe, US, Russia and UK."



Some of the path breaking commercials that Alzner showed were that of the television series ER, Channel 4, BBC, BBC Radio, Reality TV, Discovery Channel, HBO and the spot for the Canadian VJ hunt.

Last year for the first time the Promax conference was held in Russia. Alzner said, "Russia is a place where there are more than 600 hundred television channels and the Russians still tend to make promos ranging from 60 seconds to two minutes. They also try to be funny." Some of the top rated commercials that she showed from Russia were that of the Oscar Awards party promo, the Basic Instinct talk show, UEFA Cup, Turner Classic movies promotion, TNT Original Drive-in Classics, the Jerry Springer Show, National Geographic Channel, Disney Channel, History Channel, VH1 and HBO.

A few European promos shown were that of Sky Cinema and a few trailors from Czechoslovakia and Spain. Also interesting was the promo for an Indian movie Dil Se in Denmark which showcased the famous train dance and song sequence by Shah Rukh Khan and Maliaka Arora Khan. Another interesting promo was that promoting comedies on a channel, the basic premise of which was the use of sound which was hilarious to say the least.

Another promos that was shown was the Gold award winning promo for best animation of the kiddies channel Cartoon Network.

Alzner wrapped up the session by showing some great public service announcements that had won accolades at the Promax awards. These comprised the Discovery Health promo that was in the protest of breast cancer where 1500 women walked in their bras. The second was that of Disney Channel wherein four kids were persistently telling their dad that they wanted him to get the channel from the cable operator so that they could see it. And humorously done it was - pester power at its best. Another one was that of the famous television show Everyone Loves Raymond which had the tag line - 'In a world where people don't know divorce exists'. The last one was that of Sony Entertainment Television which had attitude personified with the tag line '100 per cent Attitude'.

All in all, a great session and a good way to end the two-day conference.

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