The art of branding broadcast genres

MUMBAI: The session conducted by John Ridgway and John Griffin essentially breezed through the different genres of branding.



Sports branding:

Probably the most open genre in terms of adhering to on-air branding rules as the audience is more leisure focused, and is less into hard information.

Priority brand elements:

" Research on individual sports

" Typography

" Dynamic form and where

" Audio is key when you have very little footage.

Case Study: 'Super sports' - Singapore based programme.

Conceptually, a niche alternative sports channel, the desire was that it should be branded away from mainstream. Using innovative screen formats in terms of devising icons, different formats of 'coming up next', audio cues which captures the essence of the sport.

Concerns for the sports genre branding:

" Too generic in nature leading to boring promo's

" Overdoing trends

" Being too clever ( Sports viewers don't like to think too much)



News Branding:

Although it was stated that there sports and news were pretty similar in genres, the key considerations for the news genre were as follows:

" Clarity of information delivery

" Credibility

" Brand relationship with the host channel

" Brand positioning in the market

" Expanding within the brand

" Expansibility to broadcast in sister channels

Moving on to logo development, this was seen as the cornerstone of news brands. Logo's should have space for re-arrabgements. Eg: NBC's Night News. The importance of a logo to restructure itself was also key in the branging of this genre. The use of audio and variation within the same audio mnemonics was also also one way of innovating. Eg: MSNBC's HARDBALL

Coming to multi format brands, the speakers stressed on looking at how a brand can be adapted across various media and platforms and to be on the constant look out of each genre of branding.

Graphic usage interface (GUI) was pointed out as an important element that could lead to the maximization of the brand within its environment.

Game Shows:

For instance, the 'heel of fortune' 2004, l;ooked at innovating the wheel in different ways and developed some interesting looks and feel.

Magazine Shows:

These shows essentially have to have promo's which are fast paced and can change eternally.

Channel Branding:

Conducting a brand audit is key for not only understanding one's channel as well as helps in making a valuable producer. Individualisation which is essentially the diversity of visualization was also stated as very integral to the whole channel branding business.

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