Poor quality promos drive in only 1% increased eyeballs: TAM's Atul Phadnis

MUMBAI: An interesting session by TAM VP Atul Phadnis with the focus on essentially: "Are promos on channels successful? "Within the promo creative, which promo's get in audiences and which do not? One of the key findings that TAM unveiled today was that most often promo's drive in only one per cent of the total untapped 60 per cent viewership. How does one prove that promo's work? The first finding being that between 400 - 800 GRP's was the optimal conversion band as at that point it churned out the highest rate of conversion. The second finding was that one needs to keep reminding the audience to keep them tuned in. For instance, Kammal on Zee TV saw loyalists tuning in to the show on a regular basis, 30 per cent came in through the promo's after viewing it once and interestingly 20 per cent came in through reminders, which means increasing the frequency of promo's. Hence the ultimate learning here was that across markets audiences need to be reminded seven (several) times to come in to a show. The current shortcomings of promo's currently are as follows: " Lack of quality promo's " Exposure of frequency " Communication of the timing of the programme not hard hitting in the promo One interesting example here was Yeh Meri Life Hain (YMLH), which drove in 23 per cent of its viewership from its promos. 58 per cent watched the promo, but didn't watch the show, and 19 per cent neither watched the promo nor the show. Hence the conversion ratio = 23/81 * 100 = 29 % At the macro level, promo plans do not work in a homogenous manner across all markets. To validate that, it was seen that (YMLH) 400 GRP's were needed in Up, whereas 500 GRP's were needed in Rajasthan to set the same number of peole sampling the show. Hence one concludes that Rajasthan as a TG needs more nudging that UP. Moving on to talk about youth reactions to promo's, Phadnis touched upon the MTV Style awards, which caters to a niche audience did not invest in more GRP's but more innovative promo's which got them a conversion rate of 20 per cent. Talking about launches and the launch of the year, Jassi jaisi koi nahin was the show that was looked upon as one that optimized on multimedia glitz. The WOM (word of mouth) effect Can WOM conserve GRP's dramatically? Research shows that WOM can set three times more number of viewers than sans it. Eg: Zee's Astitva stood tall at 7 GRP, due to the fact that it was so widely taked about. Phadnis stated that if Zee had invested more amount of GRP's on the show, the ratings would have gone up the roof. In essence, a great promo can get half the number of GRP's to fuel tune ins into a specific show.

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