MSN provides high impact advertising options

MUMBAI: MSN has announced that its new portfolio of free and premium web services extends the power of broadband to the advertisers. In addition, it provides additional opportunities for marketers to more effectively reach its online audience.



Fuelled by feedback from consumers, marketers, and ad agency executives, MSN now offers advertisers new high-impact advertising options. These include TV-like ads, via a new, free, streaming-video service, MSN Video. There are also new MSN home page ad products such as expandable ad space that provide advertisers with improved flexibility and greater potential for creativity; and Universal Ad Package (UAP) standardised ads. This makes it more efficient for advertisers to plan, create and purchase ad space.

MSN VP, chief revenue officer Joanne Bradford was quoted in a company release saying, " The 50 per cent revenue growth we've experienced in our advertising business over the past year demonstrates how important online advertising has become and specifically how MSN has solidified itself as a top media property across all media."

One of the products is Video on MSN, which arms advertisers with a new way to grab consumer attention online via the popular medium of streaming video. MSN claims that a variety of leading companies have embraced this advertising medium by purchasing 15-second video spots on a scheduled rotation, making it a model similar to television advertising.

The spots are integrated with MSN Video's high-resolution news, sports, entertainment and other programming. Contextual ads are displayed on the MSN Video on-screen player to help tie the emotional impact of television with the instant interactivity of online. For example, following each video advertisement, the advertiser's contextual ad remains on the MSN Video on-screen player until the next ad runs, enabling the advertiser's message to stay top-of-mind without intruding on or detracting from the consumer's experience.

Revlon's media internet VP Kiki Rees supports the MSN initiative saying, "We are excited to have the Internet offer a non-traditional advertising vehicle with the emotional impact of television. MSN has succeeded in doing this with MSN Video, which strategically utilizes our existing television creative and provides Revlon with a medium that is relevant not only to our core consumer but to a broader audience, giving us a wider reach than ever before."

In addition, MSN's home page has been redesigned and optimised for broadband to provide consumers and advertisers alike with a dynamic and more streamlined cleaner environment. Along with its updated look and feel, MSN features a variety of ad products to suit different budgets and campaign goals. It also claims to offer a richer experience by providing more creative space, larger file weights, over-the-page formats and support for multiple flash style files; and easy application of standardised UAP sizes.

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