Channel [V] unveils 'steamiest' calendar of the year!

MUMBAI: Move over all you Johns, Dinos and Milinds (all Indian male hunks for those ignorant of the fact), here comes Channel [V]'s latest model Simpoo. The music channel has unveiled the 'baap' of all swimsuit calendars, the Wet N Wild Calendar for 2004.



In the teaser issued about a month earlier, the channel claimed it to be India's answer to steamy Western swimsuit calendars. And some answer it is. Sporting Channel [V]'s mascot Simpoo posing in beach wear; the calendar is an absolute rib tickler. Nice way to start off the year!

Just like their winning property Popstars, Simpoo is a unique proposition that the channel keeps repeating often, be it for the regular programming promotions or for Coke [V] Popstars 2 promotions.

Taking inspiration from cartoonist RK Laxman's beloved "Common Man" - in The Times of India - Simpoo is your common school math teacher. But the similarity ends here. With the character having the charm of your regular eccentric college professor, he has a far better connect with teenagers, unlike other animated characters that have sprouted on the tube.

Channel [V] head honcho Amar Deb, is the guy behind the calendar idea. The character was designed by animation film maker Vaibhav Khumaresh and the Channel [V] team executed the idea in tandem with him.

It is that irreverent, naughty, funny and very in your face attitude that Simpoo and his kids sport that catches your eye.

What is our take on the 'in' famous swimsuit calendar - cute!

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