Sivanand Chawanprash's new TVC built around parental aspiration theme

MUMBAI: The first and only 'child specialist' chawanprash was the USP for Sivananda Bal Chyawanprabha when it was launched. The brand now plans to consolidate its position by building a direct connect with parent's aspirations for their children through new television commercial (TVC).

'Dhimag Bright Toh Bhavishya Bright' (If your brain is bright then your future is bright), says the new Sivananda Bal Chyawanprabha TVC. Shot in rewind mode, the ad highlights the product's vital role in the mental and physical development of a child during his formative years, which would help him succeed in the future.



Designed by TWBA Anthem, the 30 second TVC is all set to air on 6 January 2004 on leading electronic channels like Sony, Zee, Zee Cinema and Sahara. The company has slotted Rs 20 million as the media spend for January.

The TVC offers a snap shot view of various mile stones in a professional's (here an architect) journey to success. While the rest of the chawanprash clan has used celebrities to endorse its products, the Bal Chawanprabha communicates the product USP in a 'simple manner using the success of the common man, next door!', says a company release.

While the first scene of the ad film depicts a successful architect being applauded for his work, the film moves back to trace his early interest in sketching buildings, his studying hard in school and graduating from college and then working hard to conceptualise the design of a sky scraper. The film culminates with a visual of how the architect's mother gives him Bal Chyawanprabha throughout his childhood, thus facilitating his mental development, which made it easier for him to face the competitive hurdles, adds the release.

With the punch line 'Dimag Bright Toh Bhavishya Bright', the TVC is designed to communicate the message that Bal Chyawanprabha includes herbs such as Brahmibooti and Shankpushpi, which are not included in the standard formulations, help in improving concentration and mental development of the child, apart from mere physical development.

While the first commercial brought out the fact that children's needs are different from adults' and therefore a child specialist product is the order of the day, the new commercial moves on to communicate the core benefits a child gains after consuming Bal Chyawanprabha, instead of other standard formulations.

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