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Nominees for Pogo Amazing Kids Awards announced
Indiantelevision.com Team
(7 December 2004 6:00 pm)
MUMBAI: Pogo, Amazing Kids Awards has announced the nominees for the Pogo Kids Awards category. The kids awards ceremony would be held on 24 December at 7:30 pm.

The Pogo Kids Awards celebrates the skills of amazing child prodigies by recognising and rewarding them for outstanding achievements in fields such as arts, leadership, sports amongst many others.

Around 15 kids from across India have been selected as nominees for the various categories. The winners of these awards will be chosen by an executive jury and announced at the special star-studded event in Mumbai, informs a media release.

Pogo Kids' Awards for Brains

The category for the above, names Shubham Prakhar from Muzzafarpur, has been identified as a distinguished child at a young age of 10 years, for possessing amazing talent amongst kids of his age group at the All India Children’s Excellence search examination, in 2002.

Dhruva and Waiga Arya, from Faridabad, the twins created history and found a place in the Limca book of records 2003, by memorizing Ashtadhyayi of Panini, the most descriptive Sanskrit grammar book since vedic period - containing about 4000 rules of Sanskrit grammar.

Pavan S Bhardawaj from Bangalore, has been nominated besides securing merit certificates for outstanding scholastic performances, Pavan has also secured distinction in Maths at the University of New South Wales Examination.

Pogo Kids' Awards for sports

Kavya Gupta, 4 year old, from Allahabad swam 2.55 kms in the river Ganga, when she was just 26 months old and has also been recognised by the Limca Book of Records.
Viraat Bhadwar, 9 year old from Delhi choose for the youngest golfer to have done a hole in one and rated as the ‘number 1’ golfer in India. Holds a record in the Limca Book of Records for being the Youngest Indian Golfer to win a World championship.

Tejesh Parsekar, 14 year-old from Vashi has also been nominated for swam 36 kms from Gateway of India to Dharamtar
in 10 hours, 30 minutes at the age young age of seven and half years.

Pogo Kids' Awards for Arts

Mayank Sahu, 8 year old from Nagpur has been recognised for the combination of notations (swara) like sa, re, ga… played on any musical instrument without looking at it and then replicate the same on his keyboard.

Asmita Kala, 13 year-old from Jaipur, has been nominated fro performing traditional Bhavai dance with 111 pots on her head.

Abhay Goyle, 12 year-old- from Gurgaon, has been nominated as the genius pianist who started learning the piano at
a very early age from Bryan Cilas and has numerous solo performances to his credit.

Pogo Kids' Awards for Fun

This sister duo Ramya and Ramita Iyer, 8 and 11 year-old from Bangalore, are selected as the youngest Tandem Bungee Jumpers in India.

Vipul Mhatre, 8 years-old has an extraordinary talent of playing tunes
on his keyboard with his head. He has also been recognised by the Limca Book of World Records, 2004.

Vakhariya Ninad, 10 years, from Belgaum has been successfully attempted cartwheel walking for a distance of 5 kms within 1 hour 15 minutes, at the tender age of six.

Pogo Kids Awards for Leadership

Neelam Rani, 10 year-old from Harsinghpura, who saved two minor girls from being forcibly married off to middle aged men.
They also registered a case at the local police station. The ex-prime minister of India, Atal Bihari Vajpayee awarded her a medal for bravery.
Chandra Sekar, 14 year-old from Tirunelveli Junction, Tamilnadu, has been nominated fro becoming the world's youngest Microsoft certified systems engineer.

Ajay Kumar, 12 year-old from Rajasthan,a rescued child labourer who is now the Head of the National Bal Mitra Mahapanchayat Executive Committee.

The channel has created an integrated marketing campaign that includes extensive media such as hoardings, print advertising and
web-based promotions. The company release say, in addition, a school contact programme is also being undertaken to reach out to close to half a million children across the country.

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