O&M Kolkata rolls out AIDS awareness campaign for WB govt.

MUMBAI: O&M Kolkata has won the pitch for the West Bengal State AIDS Prevention and Control Society (WBSAPCS) communication programme.

This account provides the agency with an opportunity to contribute towards a social cause, making a difference in the society.


To commemorate World AIDS Day on 1 December, WBSAPCS appointed O&M Kolkata to devise a communication package spreading awareness and educating people about this epidemic. The agency's task is to educate and build awareness that will impact the high incidence of HIV and AIDS.

To meet the objective, O&M devised a 360 degree campaign that addresses the target audience in Kolkata and the 18 district headquarters of West Bengal. In order to reach out to the people effectively, the agency has created a mnemonic for a brand ambassador with whom the target audience can identify.



This brand ambassador took the shape and form of a doll that will be called Bula-Di. In West Bengal, dolls have been traditionally viewed as the epitome of charm and good nature. Bula-Di emerged as the appropriate ambassador for West Bengal as it will be instantly understood being one of the more popular local handicrafts.



Bula-Di is an archetypical social worker; she is of indeterminable age, unflappable temperament and favours those she seeks to help. In essence, she is a smiling myth-breaker. Bula-Di plays the role of sister, aunt, mother and friend; she is reliable, educated, apolitical and always in control. She speaks to her audience, never preaches.

In order to maximise the efficacy and impact of the communication, a 360 degree approach encompassing diverse media has been envisaged. Apart from the conventional mass media viz outdoor, television, radio, attempts will be made to leverage unconventional ones as well, increasing touch points manifold.

Communication devises like branded glasses and pillows for the charpoys will be employed at dhabas while road shows and rallies will take it to a grass root level. Petrol pumps will also be leveraged. Mobile phones owners will be bombarded with educative SMSs. Furthermore, condom sampling will also be employed at hotels and educative messages will be displayed on public transport such as taxis and buses.

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