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Parachute Sampoorna ad campaign showcases benefits of strong hair
Indiantelevision.com Team
(1August 2004 12:00 pm)

MUMBAI: From a hair oil inherited over generations, to showcasing the benefits of strong hair, Parchute advertising has come a long way.

Marico Industries' latest launch- a new-age variant of the traditional coconut oil brand- Parachute Sampoorna is all ready to be introduced to the masses through a new campaign.

Slated to launch next week, across all major channels, the new ad that seeks to interpret the relevance of hair in a woman's life and the subtle messages and emotions that she conveys with her most prized asset.


Conceptualized by the creative team from Ambience Publicis and directed by Prakash Verma - of Nirvana films, the new campaign romanticises a women's simple fascination with her hair. The TVC created is of 40 seconds duration.

According to the makers, a woman, albeit unknowingly conveys a lot through simple hair play. Her moods, sentiments and emotions are all wrapped up in this secret language of her tresses. The ad film portrays women in various routines and depicts how hair conveys their moods and thoughts. These situations bring alive the language of hair. The need for strong hair forms a central part of the clear communication of the woman's feelings and emotions.

The situations include, a woman's aggression conveyed through her hair as she gets ready to face the challenge of exams, the shielding effect of hair as the woman walks down a dusty road, the playful intimacy which comes through when the woman in twilight, shares some sweet moments with her beau, the strength and support that hair lends her in times when she is down with life and the sweet hope for the future that the woman reflects in the way she handles and cares for her hair. The voice over is of a commentator who observes the transformation of a woman's emotions and feelings into this language of hair.


Speaking on the campaign for Parachute Sampoorna, Marico Industries, head of marketing Saugata Gupta said, "The new ad is a path breaking communication in the hair care category. The campaign seeks to convey in a very mind opening manner the relevance of strong hair and urges its viewers to take care of their hair with Parachute Sampoorna; hair which is sometimes our language and sometimes the way we define ourselves."

Parachute Sampoorna, a newly launched extension from Parachute, is a value added coconut hair oil which has been positioned on the platform of strong hair. The brand enriches the already known goodness of Parachute Coconut oil. Parachute Sampoorna is a fine blend of Hibiscus and Almonds in coconut oil which promises its consumers strong hair.

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