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Kitkat takes a break from old advertising slogan
Indiantelevision.com Team
(4 August 2004 5:00 pm)
MUMBAI: The slogan 'Have a break. Have a KitKat,' has been associated with the Nestle KitKat brand since time immemorial (47 years to be precise). The company is now doing away with this slogan and has come up with a new slogan 'Make the most of your break,' which will be introduced in a £5 million ad campaign.

KitKat's famous tagline was first used when the first television commercial was launched in 1957. The new tagline has been brought on after the company did a market research which revealed that while most consumers remembered the old tagline, it had failed to have an impact on them and failed to convince them to buy the product.


The new tagline has been introduced to consolidate KitKat's position as one of UK's best-selling chocolate bars and give consumers a fresh reason to buy the brand.

A media report said that KitKat's mother company Nestlé Rowntree had no plans to change the taste or content of KitKat.

However, interesting is the fact that Nestle Australia director of marketing communications, Ian Alwill was quoted in a media report voicing his displeasure at the change in the slogan of KitKat saying that the Australian office had to plans to drop the old slogan.

Whether the change of slogan for Nestle KitKat takes place in India is a matter of 'Wait and watch.'


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