Pizza Hut introduces heated pouch

MUMBAI: Pizza Hut introduces heated pouch in India to provide sizzling hot pizzas for its Indian customers. The launch of the heated pouch is expected to revolutionise the face of pizza-delivery, says a press release.



The heated pouch replaces the usual vinyl insulated pouches, currently used for delivery across Pizza Huts in India. The heated pouch, a tremendous success in several countries abroad has thermal heating pads placed within.

"We are extremely excited about this. The new heated pouch is a part of our initiative towards strengthening our delivery service. We'd like people to think of pizza hut when it comes to pizzas, whether at the restaurant or at their homes. The new heated pouch, with its unique technology, will ensure that our customers will receive their pizzas hotter then ever, right at their doorstep." Says Yum! Restaurants International, Indian subcontinent director marketing Pankaj Batra.

The hi-tech thermal pads placed inside the pouches will control heat loss and maintain the temperature at 70-75 degrees centigrade which is considered to be the ideal temperature for serving food.

In standard deliveries the heat-loss is usually from the pizza carton into the pouch which leads to a loss of 10-15 degrees in temperature, a variation that makes all the difference between just hot to sizzling hot.

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