SeaChange to help combat ad skipping with new systems

MUMBAI: SeaChange International has introduced new advertising capabilities for the US on-demand television market. Basically through the product the company is looking to help the US cable industry fight the problem of ad skipping. Advertising will become customised on a household by household basis to maximise relevance and impact.


The company issued a release stating that its new ad placement system enables broadband operators to gain greater control over their current on-demand television advertising. They can automatically change spots and promos to conform to changing dayparts and viewer demographics.

Video-on-demand (VOD) is changing television in dramatic ways, enabling viewers to access a rich array of programming at their convenience. More than just movies, cable and broadcast networks are offering sitcoms, dramas, news, documentaries and sports for viewers to access on demand. It all ushers in an unprecedented way to deliver programming -- and advertising -- that is more relevant to viewers.

The release adds that advertising has traditionally funded the production of television content, serving to minimise the cost burden on viewers. SeaChange is introducing new products that offer cable customers the opportunity to take advantage of new advertising benefits. Through software automation, advanced digital encoding techniques and sophisticated splicing technology the company claims to have married the benefits of personal television with the messages being delivered by networks and sponsors.

SeaChange's ad placement system, with its three major components, integrates the VOD System with the cable operators' existing ad sales operation to enable control over advertising. The first component, the ad management system, provides centralised control over ad placement, setting up rules and targetting instructions for disparate spots, which are stored in digital video libraries. Task controllers then automatically transcode the appropriate spots to the digital specifications of the VOD System and execute insertion against ad order instructions. The spots are then spliced with the programming as it streams, creating a seamless viewing experience.

Spots, promos, and bumpers can be regularly updated to coincide with the timing in which on-demand programming is accessed. As a result, advertising can be updated to fit the date and time of when the on-demand content is viewed, rather than being tied to the time and date it was produced. Likewise, the ad placement system enables different commercials to be swapped out to reach different lifestyle demographics and viewer interests, based on the cable ops ability to target with zip code plus four precision. For instance downtown demographics might see the ad for the compact car while the uptown neighbourhoods see ads for luxury cars the release adds.

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