Quibla Cola makes Asian debut in Pakistan

MUMBAI: Quibla Cola is going global more accurately Asian.Qibla Cola Company Ltd, a UK based enterprise is all set to launch its products in Pakistan. On 7 April 2004, Qibla Cola together with their appointed exclusive distributor for Pakistan, Mighty Beverages (Pvt) Ltd (member of Allied Fort Group), will be holding a launch event and press conference at the Marriott International hotel in Islamabad. The launch will be one of its kind as it claims to be the largest launch for Qibla Cola till date.

Board members of Qibla Cola will also be gracing the launch in Islamabad. 'The appeal for ethical products such as Qibla Cola is gaining global momentum. Consumers love the taste of Qibla Cola whilst knowing that their money will contribute to worthy causes.'

'We have chosen the name 'Qibla' as it means 'direction' which reflects the philosophy of the company - allows consumers to choose a new direction. The Qibla brand is emerging as the choice for the aware consumer worldwide. People from all sectors of society in Pakistan are questioning the role that many unethical multinationals play in their society and across the globe.' says CEO Mohammed Haider.

Qibla's licensee for Pakistan, Mighty Beverages has purchased and refurbished a former 7UP bottling plant in Islamabad which will act as the manufacturing base for Qibla Cola in Pakistan. The initial production run will be for two million litres of Qibla Cola. Mighty Beverages is also looking at employing over a hundred people at the plant states the company release.

Mighty Beverages Director Waqar Ahmed Jami says, 'Qibla Cola has tremendous potential in Pakistan; consumers have been calling out for a true ethical alternative in this market for some time. I believe that Qibla Cola will fill this vacuum and become the choice of all Pakistanis.'

The soft drinks producer based in the United Kingdom was conceived to provide an ethical alternative in the soft drinks market. Qibla Cola's products are currently available in the UK,

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