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Olympic skater Kwan endorses Hong Kong promotion
Indiantelevision.com Team
(1 September 2003 2:00 pm)
LOS ANGELES: Now that the menace of SARS has started to abate, countries in the Far East have started to launch promotions to entice tourists to return. Hong Kong recently roped in Olympic figure skater Michelle Kwan for its two month promotion Hong Kong Welcomes You! .

Kwan visited Hong Kong to join in the city's tourism revival events. The star was on hand last month for the premiere of Strato-Fantasia which is Asia's first multimedia sound and light stratosphere show. It claims to have been the largest yet seen worldwide.

The Olympic medallist and world champion attended the 'spectacular' events of the Hong Kong Tourism Board's (HKTB) Welcome Day which was designed to showcase Hong Kong's expertise in mega-events and its diverse and sophisticated attractions. An official release informs that Kwan's participation, along with that of thousands of global guests and visitors, was solid proof that life in Hong Kong had returned to normal and the city was ready to welcome its visitors back.

Kwan treated fans to a special skating performance at the City Plaza Ice Palace in Taikoo Shing. HKTB executive director Clara Chong said: "Michelle is the official spokesperson of the Walt Disney Company so her visit also provides us a timely reminder that Hong Kong Disneyland will soon become a reality. Hong Kong Disneyland will be one of our most valuable long- term tourism assets. Together with other new attractions coming on stream and the many exciting promotions we shall be launching, we are confident that we can keep Hong Kong on top of every traveller's wish list."

The Hong Kong Welcomes You! promotion was launched on 13 July. The premiere of Strato-Fantasia marked the commencement of the second phase of the Board's global tourism revival efforts.

Besides a global thematic advertising campaign, the HKTB will stage a series of mega-events from now until at least March 2004. These include the Mid-Autumn Lantern Celebration this month, an International Musical Fireworks Competition in October, Hong Kong WinterFest from November to early January and the International Chinese New Year Night Parade early next year. Another major programme is the pre-launch of Avenue of Stars in March 2004 to cater for visitors' interest in Hong Kong movies.

It is not just Hong Kong alone but even other countries that is trying to revive tourism. On Star Sports during the US Open broadcast, one sees ads regularly urging people to roar into Singapore.

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