Sivananda Bal Chawanprash aims to carve a niche with its kids special formula

NEW DELHI: Children's needs and requirements are different. Hence, giving them products meant for adults would be a complete misfit. The product will not be completely effective or efficacious. This message has been communicated in a crisp manner in the new Sivananda Bal Chyawanprabha launch TVC.



The concept for the TVC is based on the fact that Sivananda Bal Chyawanprabha is the first and only 'child specialist' chyawanprash developed specifically for children after taking into consideration their requirements in the growing years.

For the launch of Bal Chyawanprabha, Sivananda has two different commercials. While one of the commercial shows a five-year-old, young boy trying to play cricket with a bat meant for adults, the second TVC shows a seven years old boy finding it difficult to reach the pedals of a bicycle meant for adults.

In both the instances, the child is neither able to play cricket nor ride the bicycle. This is followed by the visual of a normal chyawanprash being replaced by Sivananda Bal Chyawanprabha- a child specialist chyawanprash - thus drawing a clear parallel image for the brand's need in the minds of the consumer.

TBWA Anthem has created the 20-second TVC. The creative brief given to the agency was to create an awareness among parents who are the target consumers that he is providing his child with a product that is inappropriate for him and to depict the brand as a health enhancer for young children.

The agency has taken the creative route of depicting a visual metaphor of small children finding it inappropriate to use products meant for adults. This will help the brand own the slot of being the only child specialist variant in the chyawanprash category.

The media spend on the advertising campaign for the month of December 2003 is over Rs 20 million. The TVC of Sivananda Bal Chyawanprabha went on air from 27 November on prime slots of leading TV channels like Zee TV, Zee Cinema, Sony and a host of others.

"Sivananda Bal Chyawanprabha has been formulated after understanding that the needs and requirements of children are different from those of adults. The TVC drives home this point and highlights the product's USP as a child specialist. It clearly differentiates the brand from other players in the category," according to Deepak Sethi, CEO of Mayar Group's Healthcare division.

The flagship brand of Sivananda, Sivananda Bal Chyawanprabha is India's first 'child specialist' chyawanprash. The Bal Chyawanprabha formulation has been developed specifically for children after taking into consideration their needs and requirements in the growing phase. It includes herbs like 'brahmibooti' and 'shankpushpi' that help in improving the concentration and mental development of a child. The product has a friendly taste, so that it can be taken by children regularly, everyday as a health enhancer.

Sivananda is the umbrella brand of Mayar Group's health care division. The Rs 10000 million Mayar Group, is a well diversified corporate house with business interests in import and trading of newsprint and timber.

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