Camera mightier than the press? - FMCG conclave

MUMBAI: The stalwarts were at it again. 'Television is everything' against 'Television alone is not enough' was one of the debated topics on Day Two of the second National FMCG conclave held in Mumbai today.



The panel comprised SET India Pvt Ltd executive vice president Rajat Jain, Chitralekha editor and associate publisher Bharat Kapadia, Star TV EVP business development and international business Kaushal Dalal and The Hindustan Times executive president Rajan Kohli.

Jain opened the debate by saying, "TV reaches people three times more than print." He substantiated his statement by saying that television reaches 50 per cent of the people in India, whereas the print medium reaches 22 per cent, radio reaches 15 per cent and the other media like cinema etc reaches the rest 13 per cent of Indians.

He further said that television has very persuasive power because it speaks to the people. "Being an audio-visual medium gives it an advantage over print because seeing is believing," said Jain. What really makes the difference is the emotional appeal that television commercials provide Jain opined. Talking about the print medium on the other hand, Jain said, "Press ads are flat and it mostly reinforces the message that television ads give out." He concluded his presentation by saying that "Television is indispensable because there is nothing like television. Hence television is everything."

Chitralekha's Kapadia had a rather interesting and unconventional game plan up his sleeve. "I am going to risk myself and rely on a television programme to prove myself. The game is called 'Kaun Bachayega Crore Patti'." He based his game on the popular television programme hosted by Amitabh Bachchan called 'Kaun Banega Crorepati.' The aim of his 'game' was to prove the point that television alone is not enough. One of the questions that he asked during the game was - If the entire content of a 24 hour television channel had to be reproduced in print, how much space would it take up? The options he gave were five full pages, one full page, entire newspaper and 24/5. Hence followed some 10 - 12 questions which took television by the neck.

Star's Kaushal Dalal started his presentation by reading out a dialogue from the movie 'Titanic' and followed it by showing the clip of the movie itself. Thus proving his point that the power of the moving image was much more than the power of the written word. The advantages of television are that it has a very high reach and frequency and has a low cost per thousand when compared to the print medium. Television reaches the uneducated masses as well unlike the print medium. In conclusion he said, "Nobody captures emotion better than television and that's what advertising is all about."

Hindustan Times' Kohli said, "As consumers we are readers, viewers, surfers and listeners. So it wrong to say that television alone is not enough. If it were, then the other mediums would not be existing." He on his behalf listed the advantages that the print medium has.

The consensus that came out of this session was that 'Television alone is not enough and that other mediums are equally important.'

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