British Petroleum to touch hearts with reality advertising

mam/headlines/y2k3/june/junemam46.htmNEW DELHI: Ravi Deshpande Pictures, the country's leading advertising production house, has produced a new television commercial for British Petroleum and Ogilvy & Mather, based on the concept of reality advertising.



The recently released two sets of commercials weren't shot on the basis of any script. They were rather based on the research conducted in the northern part of the country. Transportation companies and truck-owners were interviewed by team members of the client, O&M and production house to communicate the fuel efficiency. The campaign's tag line is `Diesel bachao, sapne sajao'.

Says Ravi Desphande, chief of Ravi Desphande Pictures: "British Petroleum and the O&M creative directors, Pushpinder Singh and Sagar Mahabaleshwarkar realized after research that amongst the trucking fraternity, word of mouth communication is more effective and believable. Hence, a series of films were planned as testimonials."

The commercial depicts the association of the brand with the category users and subtly succeeds in bring out the importance of selection of the brand and relates it with their future aspirations. In one of the commercial, the male protagonist, referred as `Bauji' explains how he saved money on four trucks and it eventually helped him in getting his daughters married.

On the brief from Ogilvy and Mather, Desphande says: "I need to make the guys I shoot with laugh and cry on the camera. This is what Pushpinder Singh had said as part of the brief. Now that was a tall order, considering I did not know what made the candidates tick."

Deshpande further added: "The modus operandi we followed was to select the candidates, thaw them over a period of time, get familiar with them and their families, remove any camera shyness that they might have, build up their confidence in you to the extent that they feel you are their closest friends. Speak about their lives, likes and dislikes, dreams and disasters, and what have you."

After long interactive sessions with several category users, the team eventually selected couple of guys for the campaign. The prospective people interviewed were searched from places in Delhi and Haryana.

"Out of the entire footage, we cull out 30 seconds of footage that will be an honest portrait as well a non add-selling comment about diesel savings," said Deshpande.

On the result, a satisfied Desphande said, "The entire effort resulted in a `script-less' films with the candidates mouthing their own dialogues-their one on one, man-to-man candid and earthy rendition of their views. The communication reaches your heart!!!"

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