Acclaim looks to build brand at Wimbledon through pigeons

MUMBAI: To build up a brand in a cluttered marketplace companies at times feel the need to go beyond the familiar and at times boring hoardings, television spots and their ilk. Video game manufacturer Acclaim has plans in that direction and they involve the most commonplace of creatures pigeons.

The company plans to invade the premier serve and volley tennis tournament Wimbledon with twenty Virtua Tennis 2 branded birds. A BBC report indicates that the homing pigeons will fly down during pre-match warmups, sporting spray-painted logos, and then return to a secret location in south west London. The pigeons will sport logos of the game on each wing with a harmless water-based paint. In India the tournament which kicked off a couple of days ago is airing live on Star Sports..

The company is seeking to build on the relationship pigeons have with Wimbledon. Their occasional visit to centre court during an important point of a match is not unheard of. Acclaim has stated that its advertising pigeons have received training. As per this they will go straight for the fans and flap their logos in front of them. The product being promoted Virtua Tennis 2 was released last November in the UK. The North American version is known as Sega Sports Tennis.

Acclaim officials have assured the BBC that no harm would come to the birds and Lawn Tennis officials do not seem to have a problem with the venture as far as security is concerned.

It is pertinent to note that Acclaim has gained notoriety for its earlier campaigns which included getting proud parents to name their baby Turok and trying to place video game advertisements on gravestones.

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