Colgate backs new Fresh Energy Gel with 360 degree spin

MUMBAI: "Get fresh, stay cool with new Colgate Fresh Energy Gel!" FMCG major Colgate claims to have revitalised its Colgate Fresh Energy Gel toothpastes with "new flavours" that deliver "long-lasting fresh breath". The new variants are Sparkling Red and Ice Blue with new "high-impact" taste.



The relaunch of Colgate Fresh Energy Gel will continue to build on the momentum of the immensely popular 'Talk to Me' ad campaign, which caught the imagination of consumers across the country since its debut in 2001. An extensive 360 marketing support programme including a pulsating new TV commercial, press, outdoor, radio and cinema campaign has been launched across the country.

A press release says that the new Colgate Fresh Energy Gel variants are a result of consumer research that shows that a feeling of "freshness" is one of the key benefits desired by users of toothpaste.

"Over the past eighteen months, Colgate Fresh Energy Gel has undergone extensive consumer research. These tests have revealed very strong and favourable consumer feedback. New Colgate Fresh Energy Gel is an ideal toothpaste for all those who are concerned about bad breath. It doesn 't just mask odour, but truly freshens breath while the high impact flavours deliver a cooling sensation," says a Colgate spokesperson.

The release adds that young consumers today desire the confidence of fresh breath and tend to opt for mints and gums with high-impact flavours. Now, with New Colgate Fresh Energy Gel, they can go beyond merely masking bad breath. It claims that the New Colgate Fresh Energy Gel helps to get to the source of bad breath -- odour-causing bacteria -- with a clinically proven germ-fighting system to keep the mouth clean and fresh for hours.

According to the release, the all-new formulation of Colgate Fresh Energy Red Gel contains a unique cooling agent with a clove like spicy flavour that invigorates the senses and a refreshing new taste that gives users fresh breath for hours after brushing.

Colgate Fresh Energy Blue Gel has been rejuvenated with more Mint and Wintergreen, to give consumers really cool fresh breath for hours. Its icy cool refreshing new taste has a sweet note that leaves the mouth feeling clean and fresh for hours after brushing.

Announcing the revitalisation, the Colgate spokesperson is quoted as saying: "Tastes and trends change, so Colgate Fresh Energy Gel is being updated with these new, innovative and sophisticated formulations designed to appeal to consumers of today and tomorrow."

Colgate Fresh Energy Gel will now retail at excitingly affordable new price points enabling big savings for the consumer. The 200 g pack will now retail at Rs 53.50 (previously Rs 62.50), the 150 g pack at Rs 42.00 (previously Rs 50.00) and two new pack sizes: 80 g for Rs 25.00 and 40 g for Rs 12.50.

The Colgate Spokesperson said, "By making New Colgate Fresh Energy Gel available at new price points, we are not just enhancing its affordability but also encouraging trials by consumers who have always wanted to use a gel toothpaste but were inhibited by price."


Colgate has been ranked India's # 1 brand across all categories for eight out of nine years (1992 - 2001) by the A&M-MODE annual survey of India's Top Brands

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