Top US advertisers try out MMS campaign trials

NEW YORK: Top brands such as Coke, Cadbury and First Direct are among those starting the first major trials of MMS ad campaigns. This effort will be the biggest adoption of the medium till now by top advertisers.

A Newmediaage report says that the MMS Insight scheme, run by mobile marketing firm Enpocket in association with O2, will see brands run a range of pilot campaigns. The campaigns will let brands experiment with the full range of MMS ad executions, allowing evaluation of which functionality, from sound to colour, is most effective.

The programme, which will run for the next three to six months, will let brands experiment with the use of photos, music, colour and animation in campaigns in addition to new concepts of fusing content and marketing, with ads subsidising content costs.

First Direct e-marketing manager Jenny Southwell was quoted as saying that his company has used mobile marketing since 2001 due to its effectiveness. He goes to add that MMS is exciting and better than SMS as it gives higher functionality - such as graphics and sounds.

The campaigns will run to a subset of the O2 opt-in database, run by Enpocket, that possess MMS handsets. Each campaign trial will form part of aggregated research into the potential of the medium.

Enpocket co-founder Rob Lawson was quoted as saying that MMS is exciting for brands but no-one really knows how to use it for advertising yet. He envisages that advertisers will have access to a body of knowledge rather than take each band individually.

'We want to look at how to wrap ads into content,' said Lawson.

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