Famous House of Animations creates 2-D music video

NEW DELHI: The usage of animation in the domestic entertainment sector continues to rise. After movies, television programmes and advertising films, it is the turn of music videos to embrace the lively technique.



Mumbai-based Famous House of Animation has produced a 2D animation music video for song "Bindu", directed by music video director and cinematographer Sanjay F Gupta. The music video, an effort of Gupta and Famous? team led by creative director E Suresh, was completed in three-and-a-half months.

?All of us together (client - Gray Partridge films) have worked on the first animated music video in India. The objective was to come out with animated music video with a difference and to prove to our own people that we do not necessarily need to go out of India to get such works done. This kind of a music video has been done abroad (using 2D animation) but ours uses unique visual styling and story. Sanjay wrote the story and we combined our thoughts to chalk out the plots and sub plots,? says Suresh.

The main challenge for Famous was to make a music video that will appeal to the masses who are normally accustomed to seeing only real-life videos.

?We could not afford to take a risk of making the characters and the location that will look like a cartoon world. We had to consciously look at the trends amongst the youth of today to understand the way they behave and dress,? says Suresh.

Since the plot of the video was quite common, that of a boy falling in love with a girl and how he succeeds in the end, Suresh felt the production was an arduous task.

?We conceptualised so many sub-plots and details that actually add to the beauty of the end product. As with any animation film we had to edit shots in our minds and then make those shots, unlike real life films where you take a couple of options and then choose one during the edit.?

?We visualized the shots and then the locations, the color, the light, the texture? the feel! It was a lot of fun in the beginning but as the deadline was reaching closer we all were working day and night to get the product out with an uncompromising quality. But every time you see the video you tend to discover newer details,? said Suresh.

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