Barco LED display solution is Scotland's first dynamic billboard

MUMBAI: Barco announced on 3 December that its renowned outdoor LED display solution had been chosen by Forrest Outdoor Media to build the first ever dynamic billboard to grace the streets of Glasgow, Scotland.



This contract confirms the growing success of Barco in the media market. The chosen Barco display solution combines a 55 square metre SLite 10 outdoor LED screen together with Signamics content management and scheduling software.

Renowned for its longstanding leadership in the visualisation industry, Barco is proud to be chosen as preferred solution provider by Forrest Outdoor Media to build Scotland's first dynamic billboard, which went live in Glasgow on 29 November.

Located above Glasgow Central Station, on the corner of Union Street and Gordon Street, the 55 square metre LED screen faces directly onto Renfield street - the second largest retail location in the United Kingdom, and is visible across a range of over 600 metres. Each week the brand new display will be seen by an audience in excess of 1.75 million people.


The "Glasgow City Screen", as the LED display will be called, is equivalent in area to three industry standard 48 sheet posters placed on top of each other. The City Screen will be available in slots, allowing the client total flexibility in the number of times as well as the timeslots in which their ad will be shown. Also for the first time, advertisers can change copy instantly through digital posting, remotely and as many times as they wish, as all of the creative can be sent through electronically, which represents a substantial saving on production costs.

Forrest Group chief executive Chris Trainer said, "At Forrest Outdoor Media we are always on the look-out for new and emerging technologies which help us propel our advertisers' messages above the hum-drum of ads they have to contend with every day. The LED display solution offered to us by Barco marks the dawn of a new era in outdoor advertising with dynamic, larger than life LED billboards on which the content can be managed, changed, updated and scheduled remotely! In offering an innovative and attention grabbing display at a location with an estimated audience of over 1.75 million people weekly, we ensure our advertisers' messages are seen by all."

Glasgow City Centre, due to its protected status as a conservation area, is limited in its out of home advertising opportunities. Street furniture advertising is restricted to bus shelters at select locations. Glasgow City Council see Forrest Outdoor Media's new City Screen as "a Glasgow landmark recreated using cutting edge technology, having a significant impact on the surrounding area and an opportunity to recreate a Glasgow icon."

"We are very pleased to provide a complete LED display solution to Forrest Outdoor Media for this high-profile installation in Glasgow. It is testimony both to the quality of the Barco SLite LED display as well as the Signam!cs software that supports this innovative outdoor display solution," states Nico Vernieuwe, Business Unit Manager, Barco Media, adding: "Dynamic outdoor display solutions incorporating software that allows our clients to schedule and manage the content of their advertisers off-site, changes the outdoor advertising landscape for good. No longer are advertisers bound to static billboards running four week campaigns. Instead they can choose the time slots and frequency that suit their specific product or service best."

Interesting facts about the Barco LED display solution installed in Glasgow:

* Height: 8.74 meters

* Width: 6.27 meters

* Display area: 54.78 square meters

* Visual resolution: 9.3 mm

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