Channel [V] 'Cheez's It' up

MUMBAI: A music channel offering marketing solutions? That's just what Channel [V] has cooked up for Kellogg's. The snack food major recently launched an innovative commercial campaign on Channel [V] to market its new snack called 'Cheez It '. The campaign aims at capitalising on humour and carving a niche for itself in the market dominated by youth.

The catchy liner 'Mind Mein Ghus Gayi Cheez?' is being promoted to engrave the word 'cheez' into into the psyche of the Indian consumer and at the same time position the snack as a brand that uses real cheese as its main ingredient.

According to the strategy, Channel [V] was assigned the task of coming up with an innovative creative solution to help strengthen 'Cheez it' amongst its wide youth audience. Thus emerged Channel [V]'s hugely wacky and effective, 'Cheez It Cheez Off Contest'.

The contest spot begins with two of the Channel's popular VJs' , Yudi and Gaurav , playing two 'qawwals' singing their own 'cheezed up' version of the popular Hindi ditty, 'Ilu Ilu' as 'Yeh Cheez It Cheez It Kya Hai, Yeh Cheez It Cheez It'. As the cheers come on, the qawwal's continue the ditty with, 'Cheez It Ka Matlab Switzerland Trip, Switzerland Trip.

The contest is then revealed, where viewers are asked to dial in to a number and leave the channel a rendition of their favourite song innovatively incorporating the words 'Cheez It' into the lyrics. The channel says two of the wackiest renditions will win the grand prize of a trip to the land of 'cheez', Switzerland.

To drive the point home, the 'qawwals' proceed to liven up the participatory communication in hilarious cartoon thought bubbles such as calling Channel [V] on an oversized phone, breaking into a frame jarring cheez aalap, flying on a tiny toy plane and dancing with a lineup of animated cows in Switzerland. The logo and the look of the contest too has been created, keeping in mind the 'Cheez It' design positioning.

The response to the contest has been encouraging with some side-splittingly-funny entries pouring into the Channel [V] office, an release says. The most creative entries are played out every week by VJ Kim on Channel [V]'s popular request and response show, PO[V].

"It was a very well thought out contest - one that integrated the Brand name in an entertaining, wacky way with the contest name. It gave us additional brand name visibility (critical for a new launch) while reaffirming the brand's core differentiator of cheez and fun and entertainment", Kellogs India Pvt Ltd, MD, RC Venkatesh, has been quoted as saying in the release.


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