Danger makes new marketing initatives

 Film producer Vasant Chedda has hit upon a novel strategy to reach out to viewers directly with his new offering, Danger.

He has had automobile guru Dilip Chhabria completely redesign a Honda City car into what he calls his 'batmobile'. Painted black and silver with pink interiors, it also has a mobile theatre installed within. Danger holds an adult rating, and is targeted at collegians and thirty plus audiences. The car will be driven around Mumbai and will air video cassettes of trailers of the film on the home theatre. The car itself is a crowdpuller, claims Chedda. Four people can sit comfortably in the car and view the promos. Chedda aims to showcase his trailer to at least 1800 people within the next 25 days.

Danger, conceived, written and produced by newcomer Chedda promises to be different from the genre of run of the mill stories. Made on a low budget and a relatively low profile star cast including Ashutosh Rana, Jas Arora, Tara Deshpande and Gautam Kapoor, Chedda is now pushing hard to make audiences aware of his film.

He says his film is targeted at all audiences, across rural and urban India. "It is very simple to understand and is different , its about people after the underworld mafia money," he says. The idea of the batmobile is that by word of mouth at least each person will spread the news to at least 10 people, says Chedda .

"We are looking at a vertical release and not a horizontal release and will be coming out with a limited number of prints. The picture is very different , its about an accountant to the mob, his mistress and her lover who want to steal rupees two crores from the mafia" he says.


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