Bangalore's Opium Bar introduces Hookah Court

BANGALORE: Opium, the Bangalore-based bar for the well-heeled, has launched a Shisha court, an area where afficionados of the glass hookah can puff away to their heart's content. The Opium management has recreated the entire Arabian ambience at its Shisha Court. Complete with panoplied tent, sensuous, shimmering curtains, sheer screens, low Arab style seating and thick cushions. Guess can lie back, relax and inhale the aromatic flavours. Additionally, guests can also bite into juicy, delicious shawarma as well, roasted and rolled the traditional Arab way.

What is Shisha smoking? The Shisha originated in Turkey circa 1600 and consists of a glass pipe which has self-lighting charcoal and specially blended pipe tobacco made from flavored fruit molasses and fresh tobacco leaves to produce a cool flavorful smoke that actually tastes good. Filled with mild aromatic tobaccos, in flavours as delightful as apple, chocolate, banana and more, it?s a marvelous experience, says an Opium press release. The ?hubble bubble? ensues like this. The tobacco in the flavour of your choice is placed in burning coal in the upper chamber of the Shisha. When you inhale the aromatic smoke through a pipe, it first passes through a pot of water, which cools it. This is what makes that quaint bubbling sound that you associate with the hookah. For the hygiene conscious, they can have their own personal filters to smoke with. And the tobaccos have pretty low nicotine content as well.

The Opium management believes that its Shisha Court will catch on because the unique glass pipe is developing a love affair with a large following throughout the world. From Paris to New York, Miami to Los Angeles, Shisha smoking is rapidly gaining popularity. Some even call it the "new cigar" coming into fashion.

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