Madison's new tool to help advertiser target small towns

Madison has developed a unique Town and Country (T&C) framework, a set of tools and guidelines that are aimed at assisting advertisers harness the potential of small towns and large villages.

The framework starts with market prioritisation and identifies media options for the selected market.

Some of the key highlights of the approach are:

T&C framework clusters markets based on Market attractiveness. Market attractiveness is estimated for a product category by considering social, cultural, economical and media factors.

Once the markets are prioritized, T&C framework suggests media options that are best suited for a market and also minimizes media wastage, increasing Media RoI (return on investment).

The agency's experience with T&C frameworks indicate that there are dramatic differences in markets prioritized and suggested media options between T&C framework and conventional techniques.

On the premise that T&C markets have not been as intensively studied, Madison employed its proprietary framework M:Cube (Madison Media Multiplier) to understand the T&C markets. M:Cube helps in prioritizing markets by studying the relative attractiveness of a market by quantifying the potential responsiveness to marketing and media inputs. Simplistically speaking, M:Cube helps in identifying the lowest lying fruit and the most cost effective way to grab the fruit. The culmination of the study was the formulation of Madison T&C framework, which guides media planners through the entire process of media planning to harness the potential of T&C markets, says the agency.

As the reach of the press in T&C markets is low (barring the southern state of Kerala), the skew towards TV is obvious in these markets, says Madison. The Madison T&C framework identified three key characteristics to represent market attractiveness - accessibility, awareness and affordability, as the framework does not encourage a 'one size fits all' approach. In general, terrestrial transmission and regional language programming is popular in T&C markets. However, planning for C&S homes in T&C markets is a challenge as most TV sets in T&C markets cannot receive more than eight to 11 channels. Media planners need to consider data regarding availability of channels in prime band before finalizing C&S channel options, says Madison.

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