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Relationships are built, they are time based and there are certain comfort levels and understanding that come into play, even in terms of intellect, which any endeavor will require. So how will this process be implemented?

We are not talking about an immediate transformation, a transformation on that level requires a learning environment. Once a person develops a level of strategic mastery in that discipline then you cross them over.


Some media pundits say that IPG's new organizational structure is simply formalizing what has already been a well integrated media and brand agency alignment. Is that a correct assessment?

I would change that a little and say that FCB was already that. The media strategy and planning at FCB sat in house, the buying however has been pulled out. They are one of the only agencies that maintained the media planning capability internally because they recognized that strategic planning required one to think holistically. The new thing that they are doing right now with Initiative, is that they are simply recognizing that there needs to be stronger alliances and that's why they made the recent announcements.


Can we say that IPG is now a media conglomerate operating two channel neutral agencies - DraftFCB and McCann World Group? From a global perspective what would be the ambit of the two arms of IPG? How would this prevent client conflict as both offer universal holistic solutions?

Depending upon which client comes into which organization is contingent upon their sensibilities and psychology. McCann has a more traditional structure, it's more of a mini holding company in which you have McCann, Momentum etc. which are all set up as individual organizations with their own management teams. Ours is one company, it's one management team and thus it depends on the psychology of the client. Those that opt for a more traditional formula would flock to McCann, while those looking for something more holistic and integrated will come to us, the end result is that we both have the same palettes of skill sets but we offer them differently.

'The new thing that they are doing right now with Initiative, is that they are simply recognizing that there needs to be stronger alliances'

Interpublic Media was to be wound down by the end of October. Has that process been completed?

Like anything in the context of a plan, the announcement they made in October whereby Initiative will be aligned with DraftFCB and Universal McCann to McCann World Group, that is the genesis of a plan, it's the first articulation of where it's going.


Within this scheme it has been said that Magna will continue to negotiate on behalf of all Interpublic media clients. If that is the case why has the head of Magna moved to DraftFCB? Isn't that indicative that Magna's role is diminished?

Magna is still going to stay the way it is and Bill Cella is going to continue to be actively involved. Essentially, Bill will also be involved in helping identify the future direction of the media offering within DraftFCB. Magna will still remain independent as will Initiative. Right now we overlap with Initiative yet there are places where their offering is very unique while Magna sits in the middle.


A lot of this sounds like a vision statement. How does it work in a practical sense?

The announcement is indeed an aspirational goal. Now what we need to do is understand the underpinnings of reality and how that connects to it. We also need to look at the clients and the organisational structure, including the people that will offer the disciplines on the media side and how it will work with a DraftFCB. All of that planning is still to unfold.

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