"The audiences' response to 'Malini Iyer' will be the ultimate judge" : actor Srideviactor Sridevi

Here comes another Bollywood actress to have a fling with Tellywood. Raveena Tandon is busy shooting for Sahib Biwi Aur Ghulam. Manisha Koirala (Sawal Dus Crore Ka), Madhuri Dixit (Kahin Na Kahin Koi Hai) and Karisma Kapoor (Karishma- Miracles of Destiny) have come and fallen flat. Now, ex-superstar Sridevi takes a shot with Malini Iyer which sees the light of day on Sahara Manoranjan on 19 January.

Seems, the beautiful lady is fighting shy of meeting journalists before her debut on the small screen. She prefers to be interviewed via e-mail.

Bypassing some of the questions asked, she sends brief replies to indiantelevision.com's Vickey Lalwani:


To say that I am surprised to see you having signed a TV serial would be an understatement? Why television?

The size of the screen never makes the difference. It is the performance, the characterisations, the storyline, the screenplay; it is the product that makes a dent in any medium. The role of Malini Iyer was conceived with me in mind; it was written for me. I identified with Malini. And the contribution we made as a team towards the show was immense. To me it is the product, not the medium that matters.


Could it be that the stars who have stepped into television are having few or no films in hand, hence... ? You know what I mean.

This should be asked to those stars. I left the industry when my priority was marriage and then motherhood. And I am back because I choose to be. The fact that you are interviewing me does convey something, doesn't it!

"I am back because I choose to be"

What is 'Malini Iyer' all about?

It is about a South Indian girl married into a Punjabi family. She is an embodiment of values, and loves the family she is married into. She also is attached to her roots. Malini Iyer is in short, the contemporary Indian woman and an identifiable one.


Did you do any homework for this role?

Malini is a South Indian married into a Punjabi family. And so am I. It is the South Indian in me that plays Malini Iyer. So, it came very naturally to me.


How are you going to juggle between television and home responsibilities?

Home has always been my priority. And Malini Iyer takes up my spare time. I love the show. There is really no juggling… when you love something and enjoy doing it, things just fall into place.


Juhi Chawla is making a comeback in films. Madhuri Dixit soon will, she says. Are you open to doing films now?

No. Malini Iyer is a tailor-made role. I am not doing any other project.


Which involves more hard work - films or television?

I think, both demand more or less equal inputs. An actor's job is the same, the mediums are different. That is all. As for the grind of shooting television episodes, I have not experienced it yet, as my show is still not on air. I think, you should ask this after 19 January!


Were you be able to adjust easily to memorising lines which are written on the spot? That's the way things happen in serials...

It's easy for me.

"Malini Iyer is a tailor-made role. I am not doing any other project"

You said you are not open to films. Open to doing more serials?



Earlier it was titled 'Hamari Bahu Malini Iyer.' Now it's only 'Malini Iyer.' Why was the name changed?

We felt it was more catchy this way.


Do you agree that the success of the show depends on the channel it is telecast on?

Absolutely. A channel should understand the product, concentrate on production values, allocate the right budgets and appreciate the fact that makers do need creative freedom. Sahara Manoranjan is all of that and more. And they have promoted the programme in a big way. I feel very responsible. We have worked on a product with great dedication. And we are keeping our fingers crossed. The audiences' response will be the judge.


Aren't you taking a risk?

When you live your life the way you choose it to be, where is the risk factor? I am enjoying every minute of the experience.


Has life gone the way you wanted it to?

What do you think!


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