"I heard my part out and told her, if I am paid well, why not?":Karishma actors


She has been shying away from the media ever since she agreed to star in a televison serial. Via a press release, Karisma says, "I am very excited about my television debut. This role has been very challenging and I have enjoyed every moment of it." About who inspired her most she says, "My grandma."

Vickey Lalwani caught up with some of the other lead actors on the show to get a glimpse of how they agreed to their television debuts and what Karishma means to their careers.

SANJAY KAPOOR: Karishma and I were shooting for Boney Kumar's Shakti. During the making, we became friendly and she told me that she is doing a mega-serial for Sahara. As the movie was nearing completion, she asked me if I was interested in it. She said that 'my role would be of her husband who would be her pillar of strength. She becomes a successful business women with my moral support. It's a very neat character. I am the man she talks about even when she grows big.' I heard my part out and told her, if I am paid well, why not?

"I heard my part out and told her, if I am paid well, why not?"

I'll be there for about 70 episodes in the serial. I can see that television is growing as a medium, by leaps and bouinds. And especially this Sahara which is pumping in money to the hilt. I knew what they were talking about when they said it would be a mega serial, because I know how well they have handled the Sridevi serial which is my home production. I easily understood their budget. So far, I have shot a couple of songs in New Zealand. I am quite excited about the songs. This serial could be a trend-setter. Serials in the offing might start including songs. My only grievance is that I come much later in the serial (laughs).

ARSHAD WARSI: Akashdeep called me and gave me a synopsis of the character he wanted me to play. It had quite a few shades of comedy. At the risk of sounding boastful, I know that I have a good comic timing. But still, I was skeptical about the whole thing. I was not too keen on doing comedy on the tube. But I met him and he narrated the whole thing to me in detail. He had not finished more than half, and I nodded in the affirmative. Let me tell you why I was skeptical about doing comedy on tube.

"Since TV takes close-up shots and if you are not enjoying it, you'll be easily caught on the wrong foot"

Serials stretch infinitely long, so whatever the character and more so if it's comical, you got to really enjoy it for you to give the correct expressions. Since TV takes close-up shots and if you are not enjoying it, you'll be easily caught on the wrong foot. I play a streetsmart, happy-go-lucky no-problem guy who is a mechanic, all the time hanging out with a 'basti' kid. I grow up with Karisma, we are buddies, okay, you can say that, I am sort of in love with her. It was not my first experience of working with Karisma. I knew her from the days of a film we did together Zamanat which unfortunately never got released. She is a thorough professional.

80 per cent of my scenes are with her. So far, I have shot at Amby Valley, Lonavla and a few places in Mumbai. I am supposed to go abroad for a song shortly. Things are going on, but I can't wait for the show to go on air. The excitement is unbearable. Something like this, so big, has never been made before in the history of Indian television. About 40 episodes have been shot by now.

ARBAAZ KHAN: Has the serial generated interest among the public? Wow! (laughs) Jokes apart, it had to. Akashdeep called me up and said, "Come to the office. I have something nice for you. It's for the television medium. Don't say no on the phone. Hear me out, then decide." I doubled up to his office, and found a hot cake being offered to me. He told me that Sahara was going to use this serial as the channel driver. How could I resist it? I play a journalist who enters Karisma's life, and then gets involved in her business enterprise. There are lots of twists and turns in the plot. So far, I have shot in Amby Valley and New Zealand. We are also lined up for a shoot in Dubai and Spain later. Film shooting is cool and gives you lots of recreation time. Also you can give as many retakes as you want for improvisation. Here, on television, concentration and professionalism has to be higher. You got to get it right at the required time. I can't tell you more details of my role, actually I have some great scenes with Karisma, but then that would give away the story. Besides, always remember, stories of TV serials can keep changing depending upon the TRPs.

AYUB KHAN: Akashdeep called and I smiled from ear to ear. It was an opportunity to be grabbed with both hands, and you can bet, I did! We have shot in the regular 16 mm format. I am sure that I have the best role. I play Karisma's son. Harsh Chayya is my brother. It's a negative role. I add a lot of spice to the serial. Remember, a negative role is the spoke of the wheel, without which, the wheel cannot run (laughs).

JUGAL HANSRAJ: Akashdeep called. I took some time to say yes. It was my first shot at television. Actually, I am not an impulsive guy. I think and rethink a lot. Anyway, I play a righteous good guy whom the audience will always be with. I thought I'll get nervous in front of Karisma, but when she came on the sets, she put me at ease rightaway. Also, maybe, I really did not get nervous at all! After all, I have worked with bigger stars (laughs). The whole thing has been shot on such a large canvas that you are bound to exclaim, 'Arre, yeh to film hai'. It's a great serial. It has been an unforgettable experience.

"Television does not take long shots. So we had to be extra careful in giving the precise expression. In films, certain minor flaws never come to the fore"

Initially, I did have some difficulties. Like, in a film, you shoot one or two scenes in a day. But in a serial, like this one, they were doing eight scenes at least per day. Now, this was speedy, man! I mean, we had to pull up our socks to flow with the tide. Also, television does not take long shots. So we had to be extra careful in giving the precise expression. In films, certain minor flaws never come to the fore. Anyway, to say that I have enjoyed it so far, would be an understatement! Wish me luck!

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