" In Early Edition, my character is one people would like to be in real life - a good guy and all " : Hallmark's Early Edition lead actor Kyle Chandler

Early Edition, the series, commenced telecast on Hallmark since September. The hero, Gary Hobson ,is a man who gets the newspaper one day in advance, courtesy a cat. He can prevent various tragedies from occurring.

Hobson is played by a US-based actor ,Kyle Chandler .The tall, strapping actor has come a long way from his roots in the small town of Loganville in the US. He even managed to win the Saturn award for his portrayal of the character in the teleserial. Indiantelevision.com correspondent Ashwin Pinto caught up with the star via email and got him to talk about his character Hobson, his choice of roles and the future as he sees it. Excerpts -


How believable do you think your character is in the show, in context to the storyline?

In Early Edition, I'm able to indulge in drama, comedy, and everything in between. There was no insecurity about trying to play the role of Gary. As an actor, it completely freed me up.

Of course, the fact that he gets the newspaper a day earlier is a little unreal, but I would like to think of what would happen if I really get a newspaper like this. We've got Fisher Stevens on one side, who indeed is the dastardly fellow, who would do anything with the paper, that's not good. Shanesia Davis on the other side, who plays a blind character, has sort of a sixth sense and…she does the right thing and I'm stuck in the middle.

I think my character is one people would like to be in real life - a good guy and all!

How different is it acting in made-for-television films such as Sleep Baby Sleep and Quiet Victory, when compared to acting in full length box office films like Mulholland Falls?

Well the ground rules for acting are the same. Acting a different character has a different experience altogether. When you are an actor, you just work hard and do whatever you can to do your best, it does not matter whether it is TV films or box office films, you just give it your best shot and wait!

Tell us something more about your television career, right from the time you made a foray to when you received the Saturn for Early Edition?

Well, it goes a long way back one drunken night when I met friends in college. I was quite young then and we were having a chat on careers. Very playfully, they suggested A Comedy of Errors, a Shakespearean play. I tried and got the part. My friends applauded and I found a career.

I enrolled at the University of Georgia, where I completed a BA in theatre. I kept acting side by side. Then came my first award where I was awarded the Outer Critics Award for my Broadway performance as Hal Carter in the Roundabout Theatre's Picnic. One experience that I never fail to mention is working with Peter O'Toole. Ever since high school and seeing The Ruling Class, I dreamt of working with Peter O'Toole. Not only did I work with him, but the fellow bought me a scotch. Then the Saturn award happened. That is a dream come true! Today, people know me as Gary from Early Edition.
"The Saturn award is a dream come true! Today, people know me as Gary from Early Edition "

Do you miss doing theatre since you were extensively involved in it during your graduation days?

I've been fortunate enough to do TV, features, theatre etc.... My goal is to continue all of these endeavours. Theatre is definitely something, I think all actors miss once theatre once they get into TV.


What kind of television roles are you looking at? What's your forte?

Well, I have a couple of things on hand though I would not like to talk about them now as we are just about finalising things.

Isn't the lure of Hollywood stronger?

I have never run after roles. I have just given my best shot to every role. When I am in front of the camera or the audience, I know I belong there. Hollywood has its own temptations. I am extremely happy with my work. I know I am here to be an actor and am here to stay. And I know I am going to be around for a long, long time to come.

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