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Microsoft to sell TV ads for NBC Team

(19 June 2009 6:35 pm)


MUMBAI: After getting into the TV ad selling business with the purchase of Navic Networks last year, Microsoft has won a deal to help NBC Universal sell television ads.


From this fall, NBC's national and cable advertising inventory will be made available for Microsoft which will sell ads using its Admira system.

In the TV ad market, Microsoft is yet again competing with Google. Both the companies are trying to generate revenue by the traditional means of buying and selling TV ads. Sometime back, eBay tried doing this but discontinued it later.


"Admira provides us with the potential to help attract an entirely new segment of advertisers to the local marketplace, particularly small and mid-size businesses that might not otherwise be able to buy local television station advertising, which is a huge leap forward," said NBC local media executive Frank Comerford in a statement.

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